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After a high pressure sales pitch my husband caved in and we ended up with a time share that we have NEVER been able to use. We purchased this *** in early March of 06.

We have tried to sell it at an additional cost to us but no takers. I was recently reviewing the settlement statement to determine when our final payment was due and realized that this load of garbage should have been payed off in December of 11. Not surprised to see that Blue Green is still debiting our checking acct.

for our payment. I HATE THEM

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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I hate them more! Talking about high pressure sales and I got nothing but bills. I want out now

:grin 8) :zzz

10 yrs no problem ....................... 11 days till 14 nights at The Fountains in Orlando

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :

please do not insult the rest of us, everybody knows timeshare needs planning that is a fact and a very well known one or it is to those who do their homework.

last min availability is possible for you as I have indicated and if you live such a lifestyle just pick up the phone book a flight and you can go anywhere in the world with the next 2 weeks and only use 3000 points per week.

Please do no insult us by thinking you are the only ones that want the peak periods .... so do we all and those are booked well in advance go off season or mid season and you will be able to go place like MB (remember there are 3 resorts in MB 1 in North MB and 1 in charlston ) with just 2 days notice . I know many people who do this with bonus time.

If you cant get in this weekend try next, but I do not think you are that naive that you think your are going to get the 4th July if you phone up on the 2nd or the summer school holidays or your spring break 2 days before hand

Hop on a plane and go to Vegas for the weekend thats about a 5 hr flight for you, use your imagination you dont have to drive everywhere

to uk #1002329

I don't understand why people are saying they hate bluegreen. I absolutely love the places I have got to stay.

I had to cancel my vacation last year due to a brain surgery. But that wasn't there fault. I haven't been able to use it as much as I would like but when I have it has been amazing!!! I have had a total of 3 brain surgeries in 6 years.

So it has made me be off of work at times. Blue green in Vegas was awesome. I couldn't believe how big it was for a 2 bedroom. Took my friends with us and we each had our own living room and kitchen plus each a washer and dryer.

When I stayed at Gatlinberg I was scared cause of the bad reviews I read on some it was amazing. I don't know what people expect.

These are places better than some 5 star hotels I have been at. I don't have a problem booking anything either.

:cry Sorry for you, never had any problem with timeshare in 10 years. Leaving for Hawaii tomorrow.

last minute for July .... Harbor Lights Shorecrest 1 and 11 both within 4 to 6 hr


Thanks UK for doing the leg work on the # of resorts last minute... now can you tell me are they within a reasonable driving distance (4-6 hours) from my home?

You seem to have MISSED the point. So let me explain it AGAIN, we were promised LAST MINUTE availability within the parameters described above.

STOP insulting, I was simply venting when I wrote my original post. I felt the last minute vacation was misrepresented.


HC you admit you are not an owner you admit you know nothing about timeshare or points system but yet you still think that you are gods gift and must insult those Bluegreen owners who do know what they are talking about

You talk about insults but you are guilty of that ... how can any one champion a cause when they know nothing about it.

If you are as well traveled as you say you are then you will know the cost of a 5* suite in a top resort in the same way as I do so why knock timeshare over the years it has saved my family ££££££ and yes we to are well traveled

you are not champion anything but your own ego

do your homework and when you know as much about timeshare as I do then you can take the high road until then may I surgest that you just keep quite.

Yes some may take it as an insult but they did sign the paperwork and contract they did say they understood it and I am sorry but if that is an insult then so be it.

Yes ther are those who try to rip the big companies off and then call scam but why why do these people go to a timeshare presentation if they do not want one .... for a cheap holiday and the freebies

All those who say we did not know .... just read the paperwork given to you on the invertation .... it tells you that it is to try to get you to buy a timeshare ..... it is that simple.

and yes those who buy and do not pay should be delt with ... ok taken out and shot may be a little harsh but lets face it they are commiting fraud against the other owners of the vacation club ... the ordinary people you are so keen to protect ...... by not paying mf and dues they do not harm Bluegreen but there felloe country folk

to uk Macon, Georgia, United States #630420 are the sad you work for bluegreen or actually believe them and their presentations


No thanks UK....I travel very well without any ridiculous points. Being a consumer advocate is far from a sad life....being a defender for a dishonest company says everything about your life. Print whatever you want on here...just stop insulting the victims.


well said !!!!!

I see HC you are still trying to wind people up . You are not an owner you know nothing about it so why make it your goal in life to ruin other peopels vacations with you constant lies .....

what a sad life you must have ..... tell you what go buy some Bluegreen points and enjoy yourself for a change Roll on the end of May 2 weeks at The Fountains


My husband and I have been members of Bluegreen for many years. There have been some bumps and glitches along the way, but we are very satisfied with the resorts and how we are treated a majority of the time.

I took a piece of advice from a sales rep., which was as soon as you get your points, BOOK. You can always cancel. Yes, I don't like the extra costs, but they certainly are nothing compared to other time share companies where you must belong to RCI exchange if you want variety. We got out of those and now deal exclusively with Bluegreen.

If you can't afford to join, then walk away with your gift. Don't blame someone else for your caving into a tough sales pitch.

You're adult; just say no. And if you get into the system, learn it; attend every owner update that you can; and QUIT WHINING.


Still trying to clean up BG's messes UK??? At least you have stopped insulting the victims.


last min reservations are available, there are plenty in the off season but do not expect to be able to book last min at peak times that does not work in any kind of travel

6 resorts last min avail in may

4 for June

10 for july

all listed on bluegreenonline now note these are resorts not numbers of units


To those who posted here regarding "Planning" our vacations. Part of the reason we purchased was that we were told that there was endless availability, we are able to plan vacations but wanted to be able to just "get away" when the opportunity arose.

The sales person promised us that this was possible with Blue Green. So to those of you who have posted that all we have to do is plan our vacations just like any other vacation you have MISSED the point! We purchased this load of garbage for the last minute trips not the planned trips!!! PAY ATTENTION people.

I am NOT disputing the fact that this time share will work in a carefully planned world, but that is not the world I live in.

Like I said before, we asked the sales person about our scenario "LAST MINUTE" trips and she enthusiastically guaranteed that there was abundant availibility. We were lied to and this is where I have my issues.


First of all, Blue Green are not paying me to stick up for them!

My wife and I bought a silver package 4 years ago and we have been to some amazing places. You just need to plan your holiday in advance which is no different from planning a non time share holiday.


Rule of thumb went thru same thing with grand crowne in Branson mo. RCI useless.

Would call person who sold me package and make her keep her promises.

Never had another problem. Just a suggestion


Yea...unfortunately, my husband and I fell for the lies that were fed to us by a Bluegreen salesperson over 10 years ago. If only we could have back the 10's of thousands of dollars that we have paid into this crappy timeshare that we can't use. As of now, we are trying to make the best of it & use it when we can. There is just no way to be rid of it! BG changes the rules whenever and however they want & you have no real control over it. Increased maintenance fees, fees to save your points, when you can make reservations, what types of weeks you can use your points for...these are just some of the examples of changes that have been made since we purchased. None of these were in our favor. I wish someone would tell me how in the world to get rid of this thing. I'd GIVE it away if it meant I wouldn't have to pay the bloomin' maintenance fee anymore!

Our experience is that the sales people will tell you ANYTHING, even if it is a bold-faced lie, to get you to buy initially or purchase subsequent points. When we purchased our timeshare, the saleman told us that BG had an arrangement with the local Bob Evans restaurant, and that we could eat breakfast there for free whenever we were staying at the BG resort. Yea....well that was totally FALSE! We were also told that if we changed our mind about BG ownership, then BG would buy it back from us. Yep...another lie! Totally FALSE!!! There were other lies, but I'll spare you all the nitty-gritty details. The thing is once you sign the papers, that is it! They've got you & there really is no way to get out of it.

My advice to anyone considering purchasing with Bluegreen.....JUST DON'T DO IT!!!!

to Kim #1091041

I want to buy, my husband does not. Sell me your points for next year. Cammie


There is no scam. If you take the time to understand the Bluegreen reservation system - it is amazing and simple to use.

Outstanding resorts, outstanding locations.

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