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On Oct 16, 2009 my truck was hit in Afghanistan by a bridge IED. I recovered to a point of walking with a cane now and that is how I was when I went to this bluegreen timeshare. Wife and I sat through the class, took a tour, and then the pressure was on.

I told him several times I had serious brain injury (TBI) and to repeat things, or explain them. My wife was keeping the kids inline. He knew how I was injured and how badly, I have a scar from ear to ear. He started throwing out there alot of the soldiers are getting these timeshares, specially because of the economy. And then he went on with the, if I dont sign today I cannot get the fully package. Once in a lifetime deal.

I signed because he told me that THEY would buy the timeshare back at any point that I decide to back out. You no longer get trapped in timeshares like the old days is what he said.

Turns out, bluegreen just has a deal with another company that will sell the timeshare for a fee. Not to mention there is no tell how long it will sit for sale.

This company uses pressure and quick sales to move their contracts. That alone tells you something, when they will not even give you time to breath. I have contacted the office, turns out its my problem now but they will give me a phone number.

Watch your step with these snakes,

SGT Marcum, Stephen Fort Stewart, GA

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To realist:

Please do not insult a hero of our country.

To Sgt. Marcum:

Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country. I appreciate you more than words can say. The rep that you had was wrong for selling you the package if he knew you did not understand it. Wrong, there are no other words. I love my company and am a proud employee but just like with any other company especially sales jobs where you are paid on what you can sell it you will run into shady people. We are not supposed to sell of the customer does not understand. It causes something called a sales alert and can cause us to lose our jobs. What happened to you is awful and I hope that we can do something for you to fix this. Please contact our home office in boca and see what we can do. Explain the issue in detail and let me know what they say. I want your family to be able to enjoy our business and vacations. I do not want you to feel duped or cheated or tricked. Due to your neurological issues, I thinly it was wrong for them to try and sell to you that way. It isn't the company that is bad you got a bad rep who was being greedy. The company is flood and offers a good product. However, money can get the better of some people. Personally, I hope your rep was fired over this. God bless you and your family and I thank you again for your service and sacrifice.


I think bluegreen has people get on here and post negative comments to people who are complaining but of course they are not ashamed of themselves because they are all liers, and crooks. I vow to stop at nothing to get a large enough group of people that have been lied to and we are going to bring a class action suit against Bluegreen Resorts.


If the so called sgt was injurd and thinks they took advantage , should we not be asking why did he go to the presentation in the first place ?

Do you not think his wife should have been taking it all in and letting him sort out the kids.

Mind you both will have signed the good old paperwork and ticked those nice little boxes saying they understood what they were doing.

BlueGreen Scam

are you still stuck in that timeshare SGT Marcum?


Just enjoy you ownership do not look on the negative side of things those on here have no idea ho9w things work

Join the bluegreen group on yahoo and learn how to use your ownership and enjoy many many good and cheap (yes it does work out a lot cheaper ) vacations

enjoy what you have bought learn how to use it and you will have no regrets


Act quickly!! Are you still able to cancel?

You will really hate this and need to get rid of it right away.

If outside the window to cancel, you may need an attorney and may even have to declare bankruptcy. Get moving.

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