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I read here that Bluegreen Resorts rents rooms to the public. We just did a tour of one of their Myrtle Beach resorts on 6/6/08, and the saleman told us all of the guests that we saw were owners and they do not rent to the public.

We could not afford their vacation packages, but they kept offering us different deals until we gave in. I thought it was great that considering you would always have a place to go on vacation, but now I am scared!!!

Do they or don't they, and how can I find out for sure because we bought into their sales pitch!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

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Viking, way to go. I hope everyone who comes this site reads your comments.

I used to sell the mini-vaca in Destin many years ago and while some people were like you, most wanted the "deal" but were scared to death of the sales person. I would try to explain to them to just say no and then enjoy the trip.

I honestly could not believe how terrified people were of the time-share presentation so I salute you. Write a book and I will buy the first copy.


Stayed at a one bedroom at Mountain Loft Resort in Gatlinburg, TN. Bad experience 1)The mattress in the main bedroom and that of the sofa sleeper were so saggy that any of us could sleep comfortable in your beds.

2) Although the sofa became a bed, there were no linens in the room for the sofa sleeper so we ended up having to go out and purchasing our own linens. 3) The furniture was so dusty, it appeared that it had not been cleaned for a while.

4)The room had one shower so small that an RV shower, which we've owned, was more practical and bigger than the one in that room. My son in law who is 6'3" did not fit standing up, my daughter who is 7 months pregnant could not turn around safely.4) The tile in the rooms, which I can tell you is a style of the 60's, because I had these in my home growing up, were so slippery we ended up wearing shoes the whole time we were there.


We are with in the 10 day period to back out, How do we do this?


we bought and now are sorry found out the 10,000 points we bought will not even cover a week in their "red time" so what do you do now?



you used the system in the same way has the salespeople do

Most people that post on here are not that smart lol


i went to bass pro in ft lauderdale, gentlemen there sold me a 99 dollar pakage to go to orland to stay at founatains resort for 3 days 2 nights..i asked him all the questions very specificalls and got him to sign on the contract that we would be staying at the resort, the exact style room we would be staying at, guarantee i would not have to stay at presentation for more than 2 hours and no obligations...for that 99 dollar i recieved 125 dollar in bass pro gift cards... i thought this was perfect because i was going to spend money on a hotel to go to orland and see universal studios...

i booked right away, during the confirmation call while the call is being recorded i went over all the details as they were explained to me, and i got the person to promise there would be no hard pressure to buy... so i used their recording system to work for me..i went to resort, checked in, it was beautiful, stayed in a 2 bedroom condo with my wife and i invited 3 other people.

i went to the sales presentation at 8am with my wife and spent three hours there,

they had refreshments, everyone was curtious, they tried to sell me a few different packages, i told them for the purchase price and the maintance fees, i could travel on last minute travel all inclusive almost anywhere, and i told them for the 20 000 points package i could buy a house in south florida and rent it out for 9 months use it for 3 months and make a lot of money... when i told them im in the process of buying a property they back off. i was polite to them, told them how good they were, what a quality product they have but it was not for me at the moment, no pressure and it was the end of it.

they gave me everything they promised, cost me nothing, and i provided a great vacation for 5 people! the staff is great there, The place is beautiful and it all depends on you.. take the deal, be smart and thorough, do your due dilligence.. they wont force you..

they were nice to me also because i gave them a line that i liked them so much i would directly send a few couples to them who are looking for something like this!

i turned the bull *** around and used it on them! after all they are sales people...i would do it again any time, i saved $600 on accomidation and recieved 125 dollars in gift cards...


I like Mountain Loft, but I have been told a pack of lies to get me to purchase more, more, more. I bought preconstruction, so the property is deeded.

Of course, now they want to buy it back and give me points. I have a chalet and like the privacy. Of course, I am not going to let it go. I was told I could get bonus time any time I had a long weekend.

Naturally, this was a lie. I have never been able to get bouns time. I was told I could bank my chalet in November and select another week at another Bluegreen location. This is not true.

I have tried and get the run around. I enjoy going there, but really resent being lied to and pressured to purchase points. I feel the original purchase and promises should be honored.

I dont' like being told one thing and when you call being told you now have to be on the point system to get any thing done. As long as I am a deeded owner, they will continue to block any of the original promises made.


I actually stay in nice places when i vacation. So 500 bucks for 5 days in a nice resort for taking a tour is a deal.

Buy one when ur ready to book it and ur problem is solved. Dont be sold something. Buy something.

Say NO. It's easy to say.


It a good way to get gotels and tickets cheap!


I was impressed with nice guy at Bass Pro - they offered $ 100 in coupons ($25 immediate, $ 75 after tour) plus two nights for $100. Sounded like a great deal - except once we got to Orlando the Fountains handed us a certificate and directions to Comfort Inn, room was smaller, and hotel was actually ok - but it wasn't what I thought we'd get for accommodations.

Breakfast was like something you'd expect in a Russian orphanage. Our handler was Roxie from NYC, (I know now what happens when strippers retire from the pole)who turned nasty after the tour when I kept saying "this isn't for us." Then she brought over the greasy 30-ish manager, who put the hard sell on us. He was a real dirt ball, (my wife saw him cologne-up five minutes prior!). He closed with "well if we can't make you realize what a great deal this is today, we've obviously not done our job." I couldn't agree more.

I liked their presentation guy - Darryn, and the properties are really great.

The fact that once they realize they cannot sell you and then "dump and drop" you like you're a worthless scumball was disconcerting- I mean we very well could decide to do something like this in 2-3 years, but I wouldn't through these guys. We did get the coupons, but Bass Pro should reconsider whether they really want to put their clientelle through these time-share mills with the heavy sales tactics.


First off I dont think anyone suckers anyone into anything.:p If you doubt the product don't buy it. Funny how when you walk through the Bass Pro Shop and buy a crapy China made whatever that cost 10 times more than it's worth then breaks after 2 weeks of use no one cries I got suckered into buying this piece of ***!:grin

The people in Bass Pro that sale Mini Vacation Packs Are basically giving it away so of coarse you have to go through their presentation.

So what if you don't want to buy a Time Share Don't! Their not holding a gun to your head!!! However for the first comment about my husband is a firefighter and im a nursing student This person says how can we afford it. Guess what That same person has whent on a vacation or a get a way on average at least 1 1/2 times every year since they took that trip.

Point is your going to spend the money anyway. I don't want to here your pitty parties. If you don't make enough money to get the things you want. Don't buy them or get another job you broke *** cry babies!!!!!:cry Jan your a dumb ***!!!:?

Who the *** wants to vacation in the same place every year. Todays timeshares have so much flexibility in locations thats why you buy timeshares is to go and do lots of diffrent things. Maybee you should just go spend 1.5-2 million dollars for the spot in Gulf Shores ALABAMA!



Right before getting married my hubby-to-be was suckered into buying that whole Bass Pro Shop ordeal. He understood it to mean that he would also receive 2 nights at Big Cedar.

I guess in his mind - he had paid for something - and he obviously didn't probe enough to figure it out. I figured it out after we got married and was like hmmm... let's check it out anyway. Yeah, we stayed at the Radisson in Missouri.

We've stayed there previously so no big deal. The tour of Big Cedar was nice. They are very pushy though. Be forewarned.

I really wish I would have read on this website before we went! So being newlyweds they were trying to sell us some $20K timeshare. I'm in nursing school, my husband is a firefighter and a med school student. Kind of funny how that all worked out because we are in no position to buy something like that.

Neither one of us really knew what it meant to go to one of these things. They just try to tell you that you get all this free stuff. Just be careful with buying. I am soooo glad that we didn't because we would be in some crazy debt!

But it was crafty.... they suckered us on that sampler. We were thinking like, "Oh maybe we can save up the money in a year for a smaller package".

LoL haven't used the sampler because it's all booked up! :)


We told our Bluegreen salesperson, Shannon Parker, that we vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC every summer in a 3BR condo and would like a timeshare package to accommodate us. We were sold 8,000 EVEN points and told to be sure to use bonus time for the weekends so our points would cover our vacation (no verbal mention of the bonus time availability only 45 in advance).

He told us NEVER buy more points as this was all we needed and he asked us to call him the first time we booked so he could help us.

Imagine my surprise that we needed 21,000 ANNUAL points, that even if we had the points nothing was available when I called 7 months ahead of time, AND that bonus time could only be used 45 days in advance. We are educated people and were suckered in by a very smooth talker.


I am an owner with BG and love it. We first bought 9000 points.

We go several weeks a year on those points. It was easy to go under the week (not weekends)for only 1500 points or less. We have stayed at all the resorts and they are great. Was it worth our $?

I am sure that we would have never gone to such nice places without the vacation club. Oh yes, we take the update tour every time I can and I have often said NO. No one really pressured me. But please dont go on a Diamond Resort Tour.

They can get nasty. Went on a Vacation Village tour and the sales person said that they could not compete with Bluegreen on price and availability.


Hubby and I went on a tour last June of Fountains in Orlando. We stayed off resort at a Holiday Inn for 6 days/5 nights, and were promissed 4 tickets to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, which we payed a little extra to upgrade to park hoppers for 7 days (I did my homework ahead of time on ticket prices to be sure we were getting a good deal before upgrading through them...we were!), so we scheduled our "tour" for the first thing in the morning after arrival (because you don't get the theme park tickets until after your tour).

we went on the tour, and while they do definately try to talk you into good deals on purchasing timeshare with them, if you simply stick to your guns and refuse to give in, you get everything that was promised to you!!!!

and can say "no...and we're leaving now, i've done my tour i want my gifts" at anytime after the actual tour, you will still get your gifts.

we actually did another one while we there for a different company for the $100 cash...did the same and got our $100.00 cash!! (they were very rude about it though, but worth the $100.00 LOL)

Hubby and I called our sales rep from Fountains back and ended up purchasing the sampler before leaving Orlando (about 2 days later)...we are going on our vacation to use those points in April...doing Disney this time as we have free tickets because my stepson works there!


We (husband and I) JUST bought the $59.99 deal at bass pro shop and this is what we were told- 3 days and 2 nights at a hotel (can only start reservation Monday -Thursday or else it is extra)- we have to decide within 30 days or else there is a nice $50 fee....and we have 12 months to use it. I try not to judge based on unconfirmed info...OH!

This is the thing that does bug me...we were told SPECIFICALLY THAT THIS IS "NOT ONE OF THOSE TIME-SHARE DEALS" at Bass Pro Shop. Well it sure as heck sounds like it to me, and after reading the fine print with a darn magnifying glass I See that it is. Don’t get me wrong I love B *** Pro Shop, but I suddenly feel a bit skeptical about this trip.

Please leave more feedback or comments so I know whether or not it is worth it. We are not in any position to get involved with a time-share scam at this point anyway, and are not likely to ever do so....we just thought it sounded like a good deal since there are a couple key locations we would like to go to.

Yorktown, Texas, United States #23925

You stay at a partner hotel off the grounds of the resort. You can upgrade to stay at the actual resort for an additional $50.

The 3 days 2 nights package is not a scam.

All they want you to do is take a tour of their resort. THATS ITS.

La Salle, Manitoba, Canada #22289

Wendy: Forewarned is Forearmed. You've already done your homework.

Now, listen to your instincts and get hubby to either agree to cancel the visit and *** the $50 fee; Or, have hubby agree "in writing" to you to "not" sign anything or "coax" you into signing anything at the Presentation. If during the presentation, he should start to weaken, just pull out the written agreement and smile.

Should you chose to still go ... enjoy the freebie stay and be comforted knowing that you just defended the family from making a big mistake.

You're one of the smart ones out there. Wish we had done some advance research before attending our presentation. It would have saved us alot of anxiety. Thankfully, we cancelled our Bluegreen contract within the alloted time (someone above was looking out for us).

Fortunately, the contracted hotel we stayed in (Holiday Inn...not the Resort) had a computer with Internet access available for guests. That evening, after the presentation, we did some online research and quickly realized that we had made a mistake. At least we are out of the contract. However, after 20 days of Bluegreen receiving our cancellation letter, we're starting to become concerned whether we'll get our refund of over $1,200 back.

For two highly educated and supposedly intelligent people, we were pretty *** and reckless the day we signed our contract. We never imagined ourselves ever being sucked in ... hook, line and sinker. What a real lesson in humility.

We gotta hand it to Bluegreen ... their sales force must be doing something right when they can get two "ultra-conservative, skeptical people like ourselves to sign on the dotted line.

My hats off to their sales force... Bonuses for everyone!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #21687

In March 2008 we toured the Myrtle Beach Bluegreen sales pitch thing. First there was the most incrediblly rude saleswoman I have ever met in my life.

Then they offered us the WONERFUL SAMPLERS PACKAGE. I thought ok well we spend that on a vacation rental so just paying in advance. I was never told that we couldnt not travel May through August and then bamm...I call to make a reservation and they have no availabilities and we can travel anytime this year...WELL ITS ONLY GOOD FOR A YEAR!!!!! SCAM ALERT.

I own a timeshare through another company and havent dealt with near the drama I have dealt with this SAMPLER. They are asking you to buy in something they should at least make it good and easy through that period if they want you to buy....IDIOTS...IF YOU ARE EVER OFFERED A FREE WEEKEND TURN AND RUN LIKE ***!!!!

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #20761

Dear Jan,

you can have a week in Aruba for 6000 points high red season in a studio

5000 points red season

6000 points in 1 bed red season

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