bluegreen Corporation uses unethical, high-pressure, sneaky sales tactics. This is not only an opinion, but is a matter of law.

Both Pennsylvania and Texas have both sued Bluegreen in open court and have won. It is reasonable to project that this company would teach and use the same tactics throughout their sales force. My wife and I fell victim to their practices and we have been unable to get relief through just about every practice I have been able to employ.

We have sought help from every bureau in Georgia, Florida and the Federal Government; but, to no avail. STAY AWAY FROM BLUEGREEN CORPORATION!

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Looking to Purchase more BLUEGREEN points. we purchased almost a year ago and so far we like it.

so we have decided to purchase a few more points thought we would help someone out that no longer wants the ones that they have. They MUST be bluegreen points as that is what we have now P

lease email me at allsportsdad03@yahoo.com

With amount of points,Price your willing to sell them for,and amount of dues


"All" of the comments would have been great to read and educate myself about timeshares and Bluegreen if I had been given the chance...Was told NOW or tomorrow the price goes much higher and none of the perks...Fool - yep, *** - yep, VERY regretful - YEP!!! Embarrased - oh heck yes.

I need and want out of this - we were lied to going on 2 1/2 years and not able to cash any of our points in when we want/or can go. THEIR TIME on our Dime!!!


Miss Piggy may not be so hot on spelling, but she got you going.

I think she may have made her point lol

Hey " Miss Piggy"

Your comment would be so much more effective if you could spell and produce a complete sentence

"Enjoy Yourselfs"!, You illiterate swine.


Darlings you should have do your homework first.

Do you not think that it is such a same my darlings that you have put in all that effort to "go out and get them" when you could have put the effort to much better use and enjoyed your vacation time.

Darlings I have to say once again why did you not understand what you were buying, you must of known my darlings that Bluegreen was a timeshare/vacation club before you entered into an aggrement with them.

Now you are part of the family enjoy yourselfs

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