Worcester, Massachusetts

they say you can see, go, and do what you want when you want. don't get suckered in.

it's not true. they probably get 3-4 rooms in a resort so it takes years for you to get a reservation.. want to go to hawaii? kaiwi?

fine, how do you get to the rest of the islands. their places are in the middle of nowhere to begin with for the most part. we haven't been able to use it because it's so difficult. then they try to sell rci...

try to use it....it's worthless..

they should be reported to the bbb and should have plenty of law suits pending.....it's not worth it. never buy a timeshare after this experience...it's a sentence, not a pleasure.

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Ron nobody is forceing you to stay in you bought it knowing that you have to pay MF as with any timeshare If you dont want it give it away and yes you can do that and please HC dont say nobody wants it since there are plenty who do. I have enough points at the moment the last lot I bought off someone who want to get rid all 21000 of them.

How many points do you have were are they deeded and which trust fund are they in

have you tried to get rid of them ?


If this timeshare is so great why do they have to force you to stay in it after you pay it off and you cannot use it because of health reasons this company is a fraud

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