I have been a BlueGreen Owner for five (5) years now. Due to being turned away from the owner update sessions because of my ex-wife not attending the sessions with me, I was not advised of the changing of the company structure until this year when I could have her name removed from the title. It seems some pretty significant changes were made.

I found out this year that my product bought in 2005 was viewed as that of a used car that needed to be refurbished. It was explained that no one would ever want my timeshare when I asked them to sell it to someone they were trying to scam into their crooked circle by buying a new one. I was confused in the way they referred to my timeshare product as a "used lemon" in need of repair.

The update session started with the deceitful pitch on how if I spent $7,000 I could really put my timeshare to good use. I am like most people out there now who struggle form check to check just to make the ends meet. I told them to politely to stick the new points they wanted to sell me in their nether regions and left with my parting gift for participating in that torture of an update session.

I know that as time goes by things are continually being improved upon, but I do not think that a member in good-standing with the vacation club should be treated as an indigent outcast for not being able to buy the newly structured plans they have made. The company is a Fortune 500 Company only because they defraud people of their money by offering them coffee and doughnuts while tricking them with their deceitful smiles and gestures. It is ironic how these salespeople lose their cool when you call them on their lies and misrepresentations.

Here is an anecdote if you need a laugh. The salesman offered me a job with the company by telling me the hiring center was looking for good salespeople to join their "happy family". I politely told him I could not ever work for a company based on lies and fraudulent misrepresentations.

Anyway, thanks for reading my complaint. I hope it will save you some money and much heartache. Stay away from these salespeople for they will say anything to close a sale.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #754798

I have not been able to get updates because my husband does not accompany me on the trips...I THE DARK..As a member these should be available on line or hardcopy without having to listen to another hardcore sales pitch.The sales reps have a tally got mad, when I refused to buy more points.Hilarious.I plan to stay out of the updates/ sales pitch.


maybe they are all enjoying their happy vacations.

you lot complain that you can never get a reservation which to me says that the resorts must be full of happy owners.

Bluegreen are not going to pay people to say good things

Get over it there ARE many owners who are very happy and we come on sites like this

to reply to all you losers who badmouth our vacation club

get a life and use what you have bought and stop being such wimps




to meme Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #594212

We have been VERY HAPPY Bluegreen owners for 8 years now. We have 20,000 points, full charter benefits and vacation 2 to 3 weeks and at least 2 long weekends a year.

We have not been paid to "troll this sight". We actually have a good friend who was researching bluegreen and us about this sitr and the comments. I think it is hilarious to hear uneducated so-called owners lol who either have no clue what they are talking about or might have some personal issues they are dealing with. I think that these people are getting paid or asked by other companies to badmouth and spread lies about bluegreen.

Please listen to us. It is the best way for us and our two beautiful children to vacation. It had changed out lives for the better. Beautiful resorts, dream vacations.

We are treated like royalty everytime. We have paid our vacation points package off 5 years ago and now we enjoy it for free. The maintenance fees are more than worth it when you see these properties!

The other owners we know are as happy as us. This is the honest truth.


well pissed off owner how can you say the resorts are substantard if you have only used it 4 times in 10 yrs (this year alone we will be in 3 different locations over a 3 week period all reservations are back to back and were arranged without any problems what so ever. These are in the peak summer vacation season.

I noticed you say almost 10 yrs pf perfect payment, so is your complant really about Bluegreen or the fact they wanted the money you owed them ?

I am sorry to have to say nobody defrauded you ... you bought a product it works but you cant make it work is that the companys fault or yours.

Why can a lot of happy owner make it work but you cant


10 years ago, they flowery promises of the benefits of timeshare that they never ever delivered. I paid monthly for 10 years and everytime you wanted to go for a vacation, they always never had vacancy in locations you wanted to go.

I lost points many times even after I rolled over to RCI which is another scam. I banked my points for rental one year in advance and they claimed they "could not rent it out". If I had flown to the property that same week, I can almost guarantee that it was rented out to somebody else. Most of their properties are sub standard when you arrive physically.

Don't believe the pictures. You are better of paying for your hotel in the traditional sense than these jokers. Out of 10 years I paid my mortgage and maintenance fees, I was able to use it about 4 times ONLY. When I thought I had made my last payment on my mortgage, they wrote me and said that I owed $96 for late payments dating back 9 years.

That was also a lie because I had always had my payment on ACH for all those years. After 10 years of almost perfect payment, can you believe they threatened to report it to the credit bureau if I don't pay that amount? What a customer service. There was no recourse from their corporate office as they kept bouncing me around to several people who they knew had no authority to do anything.

So I decided that I would do everything in my power, through social networking and word of mouth, to spread the unscrupulous practice of Bluegreens as nobody in their right mind should be investing their hard earned money in this mess. In my 4th year, I realized that I wanted to divest of this mess. Then I debated that too much had been put into this to let go. Now, I regret that I did not take the loss at the time.

Believe me, if you are reading this, stay far away from BLUEGREEN.

This will be a poor investment you will always regret. Regretfully, FP (Unhappy Owner)


Brucie baby,

I take it you have around 38000 annual points to shift if your MF around $2000

now I have just bought around 21000 points for $53 so that means you are in for around $96

stop moaning and go on vacation


any body whant to buy my points i only have about forty to fifty thousnad dollars tide up in this stuff bout two grand a year in fees oh and by the way its paid off make me a good offer.


How I would love to meet this guy that holds a gun to so many peoples head and makes them sign a contract.

He sure does get about dosn't he

:sigh My husband and I just returned from our 1st use of our BlueGreen points in Myrtle Beach. We were disappointed that they harassed us over what was a short weekend stay and finally gave in when they pestered and offered a nice incentive of $75 gift card-we ended up walking out after an hour and 15 mins of overwhelming sales pitch and more talk about how our current plan is obsolete.

We were very up front with him about how we were not in a position to upgrade now although we might see a benefit to more points in the future. He became irrate and just about said we couldn't leave. Then, we won their "free" cruise package as we were exiting out! It was like something in a B movie-all those people clapping and carrying on and here we are making an exit towards the door after telling the sales man we did not expect to be there longer than an hour as we have a long drive home!

My question is, how does this treatment of your current customer equal a win/win when you *** them off and lose a sale at the same time??? We were scammed into this mess in 2007 and now are still struggling to pay it off and keep our home. It angers me that unsuspecting honest folks are being defrauded by these wolves in lambs clothing-even when we are just trying to take a bit of time to get away and relax. OH and the free cruise?

I've read the small print and it is at least $500 out of pocket so far for miscelleanous fees. GRRRRR.....! Makes me want to never go back to be humiliated again-for sure will never go to another "owner update meeting. SO...OWNERS BEWARE!

Enjoy your time but skip the update. It will not be worth whatever chintzy incentive they offer!

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