Owosso, Michigan

We were wondering if there are any other Minnesota residents that have been scammed by Bluegreen Resorts regarding their timeshares and/or foreclosure process. We need a group of people to pursue with the MN Atty General's Office, as they cannot do anything for an individual.

Please, please get back to us if you are a Minnesota resident and have issues with BlueGreen vacations or if you have been scammed by them.

There must be more people in our area that haven't had their issues resolved by the Bluegreen company. If so, please contact me " teishstafne@juno.com "

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New Prague, Minnesota, United States #698610

Looking to file a class action law suit against Bluegreen. We are from Minnesota and just purchased our timeshare in July of 2013 from Christmas Mountain in Wisconsin (by Wisconsin Dells).

A month later we find out that everything they promised us was lies. Promised us 8% interested rate, its 24.99%. Promised us 5,000 points will bring us anywhere in the world for a week, a lie. Told us 5,000 points would bring us on a 1 week cruise to Alaska, a lie.

Told us they would buy it back for $39, another lie. They said that their resorts are available throughout the year but the ones we are interested in are all booked up. I haven't looked into the free cruise they gave us but I've heard that its going to cost over $700 per person. I am not happy with all of their broken promises and lies.

I want a refund. I have filed a complaint with BBB and with Bluegreen. I received a phone call today from Bluegreen that there is no evidence that I was lied to. It is all "he said she said" and that there is no way I am getting a refund from them.

I'm fed up and ready to do whatever it takes to get my refund and get the word out to EVERYONE that Bluegreen is a scam.


Yap we bought the Bluegreen 2003 and after all these years noticed that it does not worth anything despite what the bluegreen told us.. it was a big big mistake..

i can not afford it anymore. I am lay off and I filled a complain with Minnesota Attorney General office because Bluegreen is fraud also.

Although the look good with their resorts. They themselves even don't own any property as I noticed so far..


It's not just BlueGreen, Disney and others are seeking not to work with you but "foreclose" in this economy. Disney however works with you to sing the property back to them so no "hit" on your credit report will show.

We almost signed with BlueGreen, but signed with Disney Vacation Club (DVC) instead.

Meanwhile, we lost the money invested, but would have lost worse on a sale and they took it back and cancelled our agreement no problem. DVC does foreclose, but tries to do so in a manner that does not hurt your credit nor future changes to get back into a timeshare.


We bought bluegreen back in 08 when everything was good and we could make the payments and then when the econemy took a dump and I got laid off from the automotive field.They said they would work with me to sell it and they are not doing anything but wanting to foreclose on it.We tried to sell it thru 4 other companies that sell timeshares and we een contacted bluegreen about taking it back.No one wants to buy it and bluegreen don't want it back.The only good thing is we live in a apartment and have a 10 year lease so credit rateng won't affect us too much.


I'm not happy - it is not as they told me


vacationclubattorneys.com web site not online yet


Bluegreen same have given us a offer that we couldn't refuse, so we thought. Well oncewe PCSd to another duty station, I deployed, and we began having finance problems.

When my wife moved on post and changed banks"Bluegreen" seemed to have a problem contacting her, gettng payments from a widely used "military" bank, and forclosed on the timeshare.

When I went to buy my wife a new car....I learned that it was listed as a "real- mortgage forclosure, and now I am havng problems getting any credit...at all! Thye even have it listed like that on her credit, too.


I also was suckered in !!!! I was told at anytime I wanted to sale that Bluegreen would buy it back for what I paid........Well ....the mortage is now paid in full, but I can not even GIVE it back.....What a scam. I,d love tho hear from some other owners with similar problems.....baldridge001@carolina.rr.com


Yes, I am in MN, and I am now filing a complaint with

Gainey & Mckenna, New York

They won a class action lawsuit against Bluegreen, and are now investigating other states. The form is on there web site.

Type in :


It will bring up the site. Good Luck


We were not told it was a timeshare, we were promissed free plane tickets to attend a 90 minute presentation( never got the tickets either). I would be happy to join the cause to go up against Bluegreen in MN. In fact I spent all day yesterday , allerting News stations, the Attorney General, calling the Bluegreen Reps ,

the , fedetc to investigate Bluegreen, and I suggest all other unhappy Bluegreen users to do the same.


I bought Bluegreen 6 months ago and already have spent bonus time in Las Vegas -- incredible 2 bedroom for $69/night and am already booked for a week in Jan.

If you're an *** who can't pay and can't figure out how to use something you bought, why cry about your own stupidity?

Bluegreen works for smart buyers. . .

to Smart Buyers Love BG! Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #691737

and which resort do you work for??????????


They didn't ***, you screwed them by not paying you ***!

Garden Ridge, Texas, United States #22070

We purchased a Timeshare from BlueGreen. My husband was laid off from his job, and called BlueGreen to tell them he could no longer make the payments.

That was fine. Now we are trying to re-finance our home, and BlueGreen lists our timeshare as a mortgage foreclosure on our Credit Report.

I don't think this is right. I have been trying to have them list this as a timeshare foreclosure, and they won't do it......Is there anyone out there with any real estate experience that could let me know if BlueGreen is wrong in this???

Waynesburg, Ohio, United States #19888

I bought a vacation package in good faith and had a misfortune in Jan 08 and heavy finanicial problems I was assauted and it left in $5000 in medical bills and they would not work with me on paying or selling back what I had bought they are ruining my credit I have worked hard for years to keep in great numbers I think the time share folks should not be in business from now on

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #18038

why do you buy when you have no intention of useing it and in the words of our kids headteacher


then you all shout scam

you know its a timeshare presentaion you know what they are selling and its not onions is it

to happy owner #716986

Everything that was promised was a lie but even if it was as promised circumstances change, people loose jobs, get sick, get moved to other places due to jobs, etc. There should be a way out.

If you have paid everything on time and are paid up you should have some recourse to rid yourself of this weight around your neck.

Also in our case we paid 8000.00 for 3000 points to be used bianully with 600 every year for maintenance. 3000 points buys very few days. I figure they are costing 300 to 400 dollars a day.

Not counting the 8000 which what did that buy us. NOTHING. Could have taken several good vacations for what they charged us.

Look at how much you are paying for what you are getting.

Huger, South Carolina, United States #16365

We have been paying for our timeshare for over five years and never used it because there was always a problem and now a forclosure shows up on my credit.

Muenchen, Bayern, Germany #12197

Im from Texas and I just got screwed by Silverleaf Resorts the same way you did with Bluegreen.

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