Brookline, Missouri
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If I were in Las Vegas, I would be joinging the other member protesting BlueGreen Resorts. We were lied to from the beginning.

Just a day past our 3 day "resend" option we caught a lot of the "errors" and were told it was too late.

It has been a nightmare ever since. To all those who post such high comments concerning the co., they must be employees paid to post such mentioned, they charge you for things you don't even want, such as the cookies they feel they must bring to your room, each time we have stayed at Big Cedar, we have had ants in our room, and the list goes on and on....

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Lord Buttholes: Your a total pig.

That *** you just posted is complete Horse $hyt.

That YAHOO club is a nest where the sales parasites sit and wait for you to come in hoping to find out the secret "Bluegreen handshake" only to get more points pushed on you.

You people are nothing more than septic sauce. Heres a little Bluegreen mantra for you - "Subject to Availability" 11 months out - sure, if you want to stay in Branson in March. Buttholes, your a complete *** bag dude.

You and the rest of your Bluegreen ***. God will cast his vengence on you soon can bank on that pal.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #134472

drumming up trade again are we Shu

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #134471


the only reason that I can see for you having to make a reservation on Christmas day is that you must want to travel on November the 25th each year --- is this coreect?

all reservation can be made at the 11 month out point.

Join the Bluegreen group on yahoo to find out how to get the reservation you want. It is not magic it is understanding what you have and how to use it --- it is that simple


To "Ginni":If you are so "Happy" why are you here at "Pissed Consumer" HAHAHAHA....what a sham. Folks, if you are NOT a Bluegreen employee and are looking for an honest assessment of this company believe this one.

Bluegreen is a nest of liars and thieves. They are out to steal your money and couldn't give two sh$ts less about you or your family.

They only care about getting you to sign their contract so their lawyers can tell you next year "sorry, your contract specifically states 'based on availability'"This is the most unethical and immoral company in existence. I don't understand why the government lets these *** bags continue to operate


we have owned timeshare for 6 years in charleston. have never been able to use it!!!!!!!we are too early, too late, have to reserve our unit on Christmas answer!!!

we went there to get help bacause we were so frustrated and had been lied to from the start.

they told us we need to buy MORE points. we are ready to hire an attorney!!!!

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #123411


I am with you !!!!

Never got charged for my cockies in Charleston or Miami

I do not work for Blue Green but I am an owner. We have stayed at many resorts and love it.

Why do u keep going back if you have so many problems.

Why don't u sell your time share. :)

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