Reston, Virginia
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My husband and I bought a Bluegreen timeshare in Gatlinburg in 2006. We had no idea we were staying at a timeshare but they offered us our stay free to come and listen to the presentation.

We went and finally they conned us with no maintenance fees till 2008, our stay would be refunded, and a free cruise. We finally agreed and paid $900+ and went to closing where we were asked were we promised anything for buying this timeshare, when we answered yes, the clsoing agent turned off the taperecorder and said no you cant say that it is illegal to promise someone anything in order for them to sign a mortgage. She told us all the promises would be fulfilled by their corporate office, unfortunately we werent smart enough to get up and leave then. We started the ACH debits monthly and everything was fine until our account was hacked and had to be closed.

We opened a new bank account and had the bank fax Bluegreen the new acct # for the debit. They called approximately a month later and said it would'nt work, we went back to the bank had them refax it, it still wouldnt work, now mind you, nobody else had a problem with ACH's working. We then talked with Ron in collections and faxed him a voided check so he could try again, still wouldnt work. I then sent a check for 10 months of payments to keep it current, but they wouldnt take the check because they couldnt apply a direct payment to an account set up for ACH.

I finally got tired of sending letters and calling and told Ron if I had to I would get an atty to straighten this out, when I said that he said if you are hiring an atty I can discuss this any further with you and hung up. Since then they have foreclosed, sent me a 1099, reported me as past due 1 year after the foreclosure and showed the loan paid in full all on the same account, they have killed my credit score, I have no other blemishes but this one, they won't return phone calls to me, my attorney or to the credit bureau, if anyone knows how to get out of this stranglehold, please let me know!!!!

They are awful, and from what I have read more than a few think so.

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