Sacramento, California
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We were in Las Vegas and got tricked into attending 90 min presentation for free vip show tickets and 100.00 each for gambling in Harrah's casino. They took us to Blugreen resort.

The presentation lasted over 3 hours with high pressure sales tactics. We told them after we were no interested in purchasing since we were scammed by another timeshare in Napa, California (Riverpointe), and it was a big lie and finally were able to get rid of timeshare. After presentation and wasting our vacation time, we went back to get our gifts, which turned out to be phony also--got 100 dollars gambling in different casino, not Harrah's casino, but this was for comp gambling only on one machine. The free show tickets were not VIP but general admission, stand in line first come basis.

All lies. Do not get involved with this scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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glad I ruffeled a few feathers

Can not stand these freeloading ***

By the way I do not work for bg the thing they give me are plenty of wonderful vacation and at very low cost.

Heres to many more happy vacations while the *** stays at home


@fortnet, why insult the original poster? Because you work for or are compensated by the company in some way.

If the vacation deal was for them to listen to sale pitch for 90 minutes , then they indeed fulfilled their obligation and are not freeloaders nor lowlifes. To say they should be shot sounds criminal to me. If you are so happy with the company, why trawl the complaint boards.

Perhaps the U.S. Attorney General's office should be contacted.


There is no free lunch, lady.


Well all I can say you are the lowlife who thinks they are going to get something for nothing

Going for the freebies and whe you dont get what you thought you were going to get you get all upset and complain

Get a life and top being a freeloader

People like you should be taken out and shot you are just a drain on society

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