Salesmen are pushy at the Resort but that is what they get paid for.No one held a gun to me and made me buy it.Well me and the wife bought a Timeshare in Gatlinburg ,Mountain Loft Resort,then we changed our mind.The next day after we bought it i went back to the office at Gatlinburg,and i seen a guy named Mike Mcginnis,he was nice but he was a salesman.He tried everyway to get me to rechange my mind he even knocked off a $1,000.00 off of the price they give me.But me and the wife had made up our mind we would buy later.So when we got home we went by the steps and sent a Certified letter to the main office in Florida.In the contract it states if you change your mind you will get a refund on the down payment in 20 days.Well after i got the receipt back they had received the cancellstion i called the main office and the woman stated they got my cancellstion and that i would get my refund in about 30 days which i didn't mind the extra days if they refunded my $1200.00.Well it has been 22 days today and i got my refund back.So i'm pleased with Bluegreen's response.And i will say i loved there property and i will buy a Timeshare from them when the time is right.I know there maintenance fee is high.

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Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #74557


Shut up.


sally you got problems

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #46200


There is no need for that .

It just goes to show that if you cancell in the corect way you get your money back, and because they have been treated correctly they will look at the timeshare again.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #46164

PROOFREAD your text before you publish it on the web. Use a Space " " after punctuation marks.

You're an *** and did not deserve to get your money refunded. Have a great day!

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