Anabel, Missouri
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We bought into Bluegreen, had great credit for being 21 and 25. Everytime we tried to go somewhere, there wasn't anything available.

We were pressured into buying it. I called and talked to a lady in Branson and told her my situation and she said she would try and get me out of the agreement. I received the best phone call in my life a few weeks later stating that we would be able to get out of our agreement, with no refund (which we never asked for) and that it wouldn't affect our credit. We tried to get a home loan to get a house since our family had since grown and where told that our credit score was to low.

I called the Branson office and the lady had retired and they gave me the number for Corporate. I talked to a guy named Jamie. Told him we just wanted out of the contract and explained what went on. He said they never make deals like that and that I had been lied to.

We continually tried to get out of the contract since we have paid thousands and never have went on a vacation. He said if we paid up to date they would fix our credit and that we couldn't get out the contract. I paid them a thousand dollars and they started taking money out monthly. They stopped taking the money out in May, I haven't seen any withdrawals and our credit was never fixed.

Our credit scores of above 700 are now 560. We were aware of the maintenance fees but weren't aware of the yearly fee. I am sure it is all written in the fine print though.

We were shown something that wasn't true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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