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Shoppers beware of Blue Green Resorts and Bass Pro Shop. Blue Green Resorts are located in Bass Pro Shops and try to get you to fill out an entry for a Bass Pro Shop $25,000 sweepstakes giveaway.

Don't fill out drawing for the sweepstakes giveaway... ever. You will be hounded unmercifully with phone calls trying to sell you vacation rentals. First they lied and said it was not a time share and then they lied and said they would never contact us unless we won the grand prize.

They call both my cell and my wife's cell twice a day...we filled out the sweepstakes over a year and a half ago, WOW! We asked Bass Pro Shop for help, since Blue Green Resorts are located in their stores, to get them to quit calling us or quit letting Blue Green into their stores, their response on both...NO.

Bass Pro Shop maintains that they have no control over Blue Green Resorts, however, by allowing them to operate from inside the Bass Pro Shop store with a Bass Pro Shop giveaway they in fact do have all the control. By letting Blue Green promote their services inside the store reflects poorly on Bass Pro Shop and now I no longer wish to support them by shopping there.

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If you read the back of any of the "giveaway entries" you will find that you are authorizing the promoter to contact you in any way possible. It is best not to fill out any of these forms, as they are only a way for the sponsor to prospect for sales tours.

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