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On 10/11/14, my husband I purchased tickets for Universal Studios from Bluegreen during our third stay at The Fountains resort in Orlando, our fifth stay with Bluegreen.

On 10/12/14, we visited Orlando Studios only to find that larger guests were unable to ride 90% of the parks attractions because chest size prevented the lap bars from closing. I am a very large chested woman and my husband has a barrel chest as well, so we were unable to participate in the fun that is supposed to be Universal. Extremely disappointed, we left only two hours into our unlimited 14 day tickets, knowing there was no reason to return. We spoke with Bluegreen who said we would have to talk to Universal so we spoke to guest relations at the park who said they would be happy to refund our tickets. However, they were only able to refund us what they had received from Bluegreen. Universal did all the could do to correct the problem, ensuring their future business would not be impacted.

But, Bluegreen, in a true show of corporate greed and profit-over-service, denied us any refund of their half of the profits. After months of trying to reconcile the issue through the Better Business Bureau and Bluegreen's corporate office, Bluegreen has still denied our request, an amount equal to two weeks of my salary but a grain of sand in their pockets. I have been forced to contact a lawyer to fight for my money. Is it just greed or is there discrimination at play? I'm not sure, but a warning to any who intend to visit a Bluegreen resort: do not purchase attraction tickets! They want your money and care little to ensure your future business. This policy means no matter what extenuating circumstances arise, they will not help you if it means losing a dollar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Greed and unacceptable customer care.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: Room.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Lying, Deception, Customer care.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1248031

As a very large person myself I have to say - get over it! Noone owes you money back because you didn't do your research as to whether or not you can fit into the rides.

It took me 30 seconds to find about 100 references online from people who had visited various resorts - including Universal - and explained whether or not they could fit. It's on you.


Why not hold onto the tickets, start a diet and exercise program, and then reward yourself with a return trip she you are able to fit on the rides? Seriously, you should be more concerned about WHY you could not go on the rides, not the lost ticket cost!


Why you mencioned the word "discrimination" ? being fat is not a protected class.

No one has to give you a refund. It is your responsibility to research about any restriction wherever your weight is a an issue.

Theme parks, airplane, etc. Even if you barely fit in those seats it can be dangerous for you and if something happens you still try to file another lawsuit.


OP says that she is large chested, and her husband is barrel-chested as well. In other words, you're both fat and are surprised that amusement park rides don't accommodate people your size.

I understand wanting a refund, but honestly, I don't believe you're entitled to one.

Just cut your losses. In the end, you'll probably pay out more money to hire a lawyer and sue than you would if you just walked away from the whole thing.


If they made the lap bars accommodate you, all the little kids would be in serious danger, maybe even thrown from a ride because the lap bar would be too loose. You are selfish in thinking only of yourself.

What abut the kids?

Maybe you should lose some weight. You're obviously not being discriminated against at the grocery or the restaurants!

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