We have been Bluegreen owners for years and it has been overall a very good experience. We have been many places (including Hawaii) and stayed at wonderful resorts that we could never have afforded otherwise.

That said, we have also attended many "owner updates" and some were acceptable and informative, others, not so much. My sister, also an owner for many years and a former Bluegreen employee, got up and walked out on one that we were also attending close by with another rep. Our rep was great, hers stunk. It's a *** shoot which kind you will get and for that I do blame Bluegreen.

That is a training issue. The best defense is to either A) decline updates or B) become very knowledgeable yourself about your ownership so that you have intelligent questions to ask and issues to raise. Always get it in writing and read before you sign (which is annoying to all but better safe than sorry).

I use every point every year plus many of the perks like Travelers Plus and RCI and so I am satisfied but I have made the a point of knowing all my options in the program. Buyers also have responsibility to obtain best result.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #954097

Thank you for being a Bluegreen Owner who understands the terms and conditions of ownership and has enjoyed traveling with BG. Your comment about the obnoxious salesperson being a training issue is spot on.

to BG Vacation Specialist Sunman, Indiana, United States #968186

These ppl are crooked. I was too roped in.

Finally I got out of this contract. Which was not easy.

Anything for a buck constant increase in maintenance fees then another fee 6 months later. Doesn't matter you know all about the ownership it a RIPOFF

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