Syracuse, New York
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They have been calling repeatedly, for days, or weeks.....I finally answered, and I told them to stop calling, and she laughed at me....she said I filled out an application, and I said no I did not, and she said "Ya, right" and continued to laugh!!! These calls are getting so annoying, they need to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They call several times a day, and when I get one number to stop calling, they just call from a different number.

I only have room for 15 numbers on my blocked list, so I have to keep rotating numbers!!!! UUUGGGHHHH>>>>>> Please make this stop!

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Harassing communication comes to light


Ok, I will try that the next time they call, but I think they got the message the last time, hopefully. Thanks for the info!


Ask them to put you on their inhouse no call list, they(and their affiliates) have to honor it,or you file a compliant with your AG

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