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I feel like I have been dishing out so much money on this timeshare. I bought a foreclosure timeshare for $10K, then I had to get a $5K loan for downpayment and then after some good sales talk in Las Vegas, I bought more points and they gave me a Samsung tablet as a gift.

Everytime we go to the Fountains, there is a pushy salesman by the name of Adam that drives us crazy!!!! The maintenance fees keep going up and everything we try to do is an extra charge. The RCI requires you to pay more money and most of the time you try to book something, it is never available. The Travelers Plus is a bigger racket!

I want to sell this.

I am so depressed that I got into this. Any advice??????Help!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: I want to sell this and get out of my contract because I will be paying this for awhile and the resorts are only in very limited locations. I am tired in trying to book a trip and I always have to pay extra. I want to sell this off and not ruin my credit.

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The only advice I can give you is this; LEARN TO SAY NO


Think many with Bluegreen feel the same way. I felt really good about our financial situation until I started dealing with Bluegreen.

They lie, misrepresent the ease of being able to just get a reservation, benefits from the Premier feature...These people are going to have to account for all the fraud and lies one day. They are also overselling, I was told, by a former salesperson. We have contracts signed by us supposing for a resort in Florida called Lake Eve. Had never heard of it until the packet came in the mail.

This has never happened to us before so all of you out there being succeed into timeshares, please be aware that you are just feathering their nest. Packets in the mail?


There are a couple of companies on-line that provide a service to help you get out of these. What they have done is developed a system that helps yoU look at your contract, etc.

to see if there is any failures by these sellers to comply with the very technical legal requirements for these type sales. If there are, the law frequently lets you repudiate the purchase contract.

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