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My husband and I listened to a time share presentation at Bluegreen Resorts in TN but declined their offers to purchase. During continued inquiries the sales rep learned we would be renting a 3 bedroom cabin over the Memorial Day weekend. He immediately challenged us; he had a plan that would give us 2 weeks with points left over for only $990.00 (9,000 points), not the $1,250.00 we were planning to spend for one week.

We were taken into another room out of the main room where other people were dealing with their respective sales reps. We were then told what they were offering was a special offer that was only extended to us and no one else. Again we were told (in front of Nancy) we could get a three bedroom condo in the mountains for two (2) weeks and have points left over. We were specifically told not to try and make reservation since it would take two weeks to get our account into the reservation system. Confession factor: by waiting 2 weeks we would lose our 10 days to cancel. THEIR documentation lists several different Names and Addresses. They sold us lies and can deliver nothing.

9,000 points only gets you a 1 bedroom for only 3 or 4 days in certain locations. But never a 3 bedroom. That is unless you pay them more money!! We learned this only in Florida when researching availability, not from either Nancy or Eric who knew all the facts, but failed to disclose them.

State of Florida Statutory Rescission Language states a disclosure of rescission rights shall be included in the contract above the space reserved for the signature of the purchaser including a ten (10) day right to cancel. Our contract contained no such statement. What happened to us was a continuation of a public offering even though we were taken aside into another room and told it was a Special Sampler available only to us and funds paid to a Laurel Crest Sampler Acct.

We request c.c. refund the charge of $149.00 made by Laurel Crest Sampler Acct. Because Laurel Crest Sampler Acct can not deliver product we purchased nor can we ever receive or take delivery of product we purchased from Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. /Laurel Crest Sampler Acct.

1.Letter Canceling the time share 2. Copies of 3 certified mail receipts to point of origin of sale in TN

3.State of Florida Statutory Rescission Language

4.Last page of Bluegreen Vacation Club Value Sampler Program Agreement where no consumer rights were listed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $990.

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