Saint Pete Beach, Florida
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We'd just had a wonderful visit at the Guy Harvey Resort that had been set up by our travel agent. We traveled on our own and not part of a sales pitch. As we were leaving, there was a little desk in the corner, and a sales agent asked us if we'd be interested in coming back? Offered us a really cheap 4-day, 3-night stay. Our son was getting married and we thought it would be a great little honeymoon for them. Well, the next year, they still weren't planning a wedding and the vacation needed to be used. We got it transferred back into our name, a small feat in itself. Then, we began to try to set our reservations. Well, sorry, no vacancy at the Tradewinds or the Guy Harvey during our requested time (Mother's Day weekend 2016). I told them our displeasure and they said that we weren't "PROMISED" a room at either nice resort, but rather another local location. They offered us a room at the Howard Johnson Frat house right next door. So, we accepted. Then, we waited and waited to receive a confirmation, never came. Of course we got the Bluegreen presentation paperwork, and such. Finally, we got a confirmation number for our lodging.

Our arrival, they insisted that we stop by the office first to register. We did. Pointless. Was handed a letter that said our 'Appointment' (presentation) was at 8 the next morning. What if that hadn't been okay with us? Then, our room at the Howard Johnson. It was probably nice in 1974 the last time the room was painted. Room was horrible! At our presentation, we complained about it. Once we seemed interested in the membership. They searched some more. No vacancy, Mother's Day Weekend see. We complained some more and was in the process of purchasing. The manager came in and said they'd found us a room at Tradewinds. We were happy, made purchase.

We went back to the Frat house...Howard Johnsons, and I started reading reviews. We were stunned, over 85% horrible reviews of Bluegreen Vacations. I won't go into it, you can all read. We waited to be 'moved' to the Tradewinds. And waited. And waited. Waited for the call that never came. I'm a simple man, make me a promise, follow through.

Between the bad reviews and being lied to about moving, we decided to cancel. We went and told them at the office. They took back our gifts, said nothing they could do and to write the cancellation process as in our paperwork...we had 10 days by Florida law to cancel. So, we finished our stay, and went home nervous of getting screwed.

We did the Certified letter and paid the extra postage to get it there fast. For our peace of mind, we even had our signatures notarized. I'd signed up for text alert when they signed and everything. Everything went smoothly! They got the letter, processed the cancellation and we received our refunds in 4 days of what was told to be 5-7 business days. We weren't hassled, we we're pressure sold, pushed and pushed. Just, "sorry you changed your minds" and received our refund.

Shocked! ...and, waiting for something to happen. But, pleased for the ease of cancellation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: They processed our cancellation quickly and professionally..

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What exactly do you have to put on the letter? .. do we just hand write it or type it on the computer?

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