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Hello Fello Pissed Off Consumers,

Thank you for voicing your opinions, my wife and I truly appreciate it! We had orginally purchased a Blue Green membership about a week or two ago and immediately went online to look at consumer reviews, we found this website and all of the "pissed off consumers" here and immediately wrote our cancellation letter and sent it to their corporate office in Florida. The next business day that they were open we contacted the office and told them that we sent the letter in the corporate office and that we wish to cancel, they asked for us to stop into the office, which we did because we wanted to drop off the books that they gave us. When we were there the head salesman told me and I quote "sure you are going to find some complaints, we have 185,000 owners of course you are not going to make everyone happy, we have a 87% satisfaction rating". I said if that is the case you have about 20,000 people that are not happy, that is a lot of people. He really tried to make it seem like 20,000 unhappy owners was not a big deal. He proceeded to try to sell me with a "special deal", at that point I was not interested, gave them their books back and signed a paper saying that I cancelled on the specified date. Thanks- fellow consumers for letting us know, not to deal with this company, we really appreciate it, it is a sign that free speech is not dead!

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Well John if you knew what you were doing you would know how to work the system my friend but it appears that you have little or no idea.

I for one will not tell you but let me say we have almost 60000 points and paid less than half your $39k and also have lots more benefits than you would have had. The payback period was very short and even with the mf we save $$$$$ on renting the same accom. (and by the way we do travel the world with it). Soon off to Orlando for a couple of weeks taking into account the mf we will save around $2500.

I hope you do take your $39k and buy a rental property but good luck in making $9000 a year net profit out of it and by the way you will need your expensive vacations to get over the stress factor from trying to rent your property and maintaining it to a high standard never mind the taxes you will have to pay and the marketing costs along with the cleaning costs and insurance ...... you are welcome to it my friend.

We will just continue to enjoy our timeshares no matter where abouts in the world we happen to be, we will cook if we want or eat out we will take family or friends all at a fraction of your costs.

By the way do not think you will be able to enjoy your weekends for free all the time and remember all those presentations, meanwhile we will take as many or if not more weekends than you will be able to stack up in a year for just a few $ on bonus time, not to mention our free week anywhere in the world.

So my friend you may think you have got one over on us timeshare junkies but boy we left you miles behind on getting value for money.

Enjoy you purchase and we will enjoy our stressfree hasslefree vacations for many years to come

Bye dear John


went to a blue green this past weekend, the presentation was supposed to be 2 hrs, I finally got out of there after 3.5 hrs. They gave us a group presentation and they were all laughing and having a great time, selling the illusion of endless vacations at great rates, flirting with everyone, clean beds and a kitchen (where you cook on vaca and save $$) who wants to cook on vacation??

They wanted $39K for a 20K point a year membership. They wanted 20% down and would finance the rest at 9.6% after 10 yrs that turns into a $56K out of pocket, not including maint fees etc. One thing is for sure you write that check and you loose all control. Take the 39K buy a rental, collect $1000 a month, clear 9K a year and buy the best vaca's, or not its your $$.

I can get all my 2 stay weekends for free if I spend 2-4 hrs at a presentation. works for me. My son and his buddies had a great time snow boarding, weekend still cost $120 gass, $150 for his lift tickets, $100 food, $50 for gass in my snowmobile over 3 days. $420 out of pocket.

Oh the 1 bedroom is sm-all small. There was no way 4 people could fit around the table without moving the couch.

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