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This resort is charging every year higher and higher maintenance fees the building needs repaired every year class action need to be in place ....need a lawyer plz when you call they just say well the building needs repairs this crazy these resorts just taking maintenance fee higher and high what is congress doing about that who can help me with this i have no where to turn resort for sale 5000.and you can have it am never going on vacation again...i cannot afford it am class file as soon as possible. it's blue green ,royal hoilday

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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My wife and I bought a BG vacation package in may of 2005 paid 15,000 for it and almost 3,600 more in fees. have never been successful in getting one vacation from them after trying many times per year.

now because I refuse to pay any more for this SCAM I have been referred to a dept recovery co. ie. owned by, BG along with Pinnical.

Please be aware of this scam, they are total rip offs. I AM PISSED, Please someone in Washington shut these *** artist down!


Can someone post a form complaint letter that could be copied and sent to the State Attorney General in their states describing Bluegreen's deceptive policies? Most people have a hard time knowing how to word a letter like this to send to their Attorney General. It would be very helpful if someone would compose such a letter and post it.



What you should be asking what to the former owners of this property do with YOUR MF.

it appears they did not spend it on repairs now the BGVC have to spend our money on repairing your timeshare.



Who ever thinks this guy is making up the problems he is talking about - I'm here to say he's not. He may not be able to write out clearly why he is upset - But Club La Pension is a a big rip off.

They have closed the place down for repairs and besides charging us for the repairs, they are not giving us anything for our lost time. Oh wait thats not correct - What they will do is charge us to use one of their other BlueGreen resort choices!!!!!!


These reviews have no valor or weight. I know the moderator of this blog who makes money on adsense will not post this comment.

But in case it slips through, simply know that every review written here was by somebody who has never heard of or seen a Bluegreen resort. Read the post, look at the semantics "am class file as soon as possible", "need a lawyer plz when".

I work with Indians, they type like this. These reviews are fake.


Have you filed complaints with The BBB, Federal Trade Commisiion and THE Department of consumer affairs in the state you made the purchse and the state they deeded you property. You can do it all online.

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