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My husband and I have been Bluegreen Resort owners for over 10 years and had been satisfied with their service until now. Last December we were in St. Augustine Florida at the Golf Resort and we were called by their sales staff to come in. Now in the past we had not went but they stated that there were new things that Bluegreen was doing to make it worth us at least listening. Rob was the sales person we spoke with and he let us that if we... Read more

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I got the sampler package, paid $800, they only give a minimal selection for me to choose within the 12 months, too much restrictions, got a hard time to use it up. They tent to force me to become a member during my first trip, it's hard to get out. They made mistakes on the deed name, it was a HORRIBLE experiences. I was happy before check in but very unhappy when check out. I'd rather just book any hotel I want after arriving a place, rather... Read more

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Booked a vacation through blue-green. Biggest mistake ever!! first, let me start out by saying it was more expensive than it would have been if i had booked it on my own and not went to look at timeshares. They stuck us in a decent hotel in the shittiest room they had. Mold on the wall, no ac, two beds shoved together at odd angles to form what looked like a thrown together bunk house. It was the Hotel St Pierre in new orleaS BTW. Don't stay... Read more

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Just had a phone call that I was finally able to answer even though they've called 7 times between yesterday and today for this guy to then give me attitude because I didn't want to purchase what he was offering. Absolutely unbelievable, avoid avoid avoid. Cocky sob.

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Beware blue green will lie they will do anything to keep getting more money and not returning any trips

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This travel package through Bass Pro is still a bad thing. Same price and gifts, but there are never any rooms available when I want to travel, which as part of the sales pitch I was told I could travel when I want to. Nope. I've tried three times to book a trip to Savannah, GA, and can't get a date that ties in with a weekend (you know, three-day pleasure trips usually coincide with weekends). I have one year to use the trip, but only 30 days... Read more

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Bass pro shop rep was so high , he couldnt read. Smelled just like a bong . Big embarrassment for Bass Pro shop, Nasville TN.

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One day I got a call about a free vacation I signed up for. After we scheduled the first vacation, and went to the 2 hour seminar which lasted 6 hours. In a non harassment environment, where we were being harassed to purchase a timeshare and bought a sampler package. We booked a vacation with our sample points, and had to go again to a seminar that lasted maybe 3 hours this time, because they talked me into the timeshare. when signing up online... Read more

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These people are in crooks! Don't I repeat give them credit card.!I know I worked for these scumbags for a week!Scam,scam scam!!!!!!!! *** bags!! They should all rot in *** Read more

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Nothing but lies! They tell you everything you want to hear, but don not follow through on any of it. Worst customer service I have every dealt with. Everytime we call with a problem we get pushed off to someone else who doesn't have a clue how to solve anything, then they tell you that someone will get right on it and be in contact with you soon. Good luck with that, not once have I received a call or email from them trying to resolve our... Read more

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Bluegreen Resorts - Ripped off by BG vacation club
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I bought the sampler package last fall and aside from the hassle of all the constraints as to when you can book your vacations, I have also found the exact same resorts online at Expedia for about half of what these points cost me. So this tells me that people who actually bought into the timeshare are paying way too much for stays they can find on travel sites. Also I was told I would only have to attend one additional "sales pitch" meeting... Read more

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I bought a timeshare in March in Las Vegas with Bluegreen. If I had known then what I know now I would have never purchased it. I paid about $1,200 down. After leaving the resort. They gave me a trip to New Orleans it was only to try and sell me more points. I came back home and decided to refinance it through my credit union. Only to find out that I no longer wanted it. So now I am out of $7,000 + dollar's. I wish there was a way to recoup... Read more

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Purchased vacation package 8 months ago, my situation changed and wanted to include a family member in on the purchase and was told they can't, only significant others. Lost my purchase price because of the policy. Will NEVER deal with these people again

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In my experiences dealing with Matt Calhoun, he is a fair and honest man. He is always above board and beyond reproach -- Very rarely does anyone have anything good to say about anybody, however, if your in business an hour or 30 years I guarantee you will have some or several people say something bad about you -- This is just business, If you are people are so upset, try finding recourse in the federal agencies that govern such industries --... Read more

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I bought a sampler package after many hours going back and forth. I was promised a week in LA and of course now that I try to book there is nothing Available through the expiration date. and then Cibola (which is close to my home) resort I was told it would cost approximately 1,000 points a night. I tried booking and can only go for 3 nights during the week. It is cheaper to book it online then what I paid for the sampler package. Please don't... Read more

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