Miami, Florida

been a BG owner since 2006. always get my choice of resorts.

you have to plan ahead. If you try last minute the resort might be filled. a couple of rooms were old but on the whole we have had nice condos. I would say it is better for retirees who can plan ahead and go many places.

right now in the keys where we vacation every Feb.

most here have been or will be going like us to more BG places thru the rest of the winter using points and bonus time. people have to learn how to use the system as well as RCI to get the most out of it

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It may just upset some of you seasoned conplainers that most of the Bluegreen owners do enjoy their timeshare.

Sorry we must be strangers to the truth since only those few that always complain must be right :grin :grin

well back to enjoying our ownership


and this post is in no way an employee/owner of bluegreen resorts attempting offset the hilariously large number of complaints from people who have been scammed by the snake-oil timeshare salesmen.

It's completely normal and not suspicious at all for a consumer to come on to a complaint website just to post about how satisfying they're time-share experience was.

I mean, that would be dishonest, right?

And no timeshare salesmen are ever dishonest c'mon don't be ridiculous. :grin

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