Tucson, Arizona

Right from the start Blue Green Vacation Club has double talked, mislead and done everything they can to screw us over. The 90 min presentation yeah right!!!!

Try 5 hours. Contract signing - hmmm seems like they talked us in circles, made false promises and *** things up. After that oh surprise, they only took care of half a year of maintenance fees instead of a full year as promised, taken money from our account on the wrong day - but suprise their records show that they were right. All I'm going to say is RUN don't even waste your time.

We haven't even had the privilege of using the package yet and I am dreading trying to get time booked. We have been trapped into a $8000 contract "mortgage"!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Miffed very simple ensure that you are full paid up and you ownership is debt free then put up on ebay pay the transfer costs and somebody will take it off your hands.

All timeshares no matter who the developer is or was are not selling.

If people are takeing hits of thousands of $$ on their homes then nobody is going to pay $$$ for resale timeshare.

Even in the boom times nobody should have bought any kind of timeshare as a $$$ investment it does not and never as worked like that right from the first timeshare in France


If anyone knows of a way to get rid of Bluegreen and or get out of the contracts, let us know.

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