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I have been contacted repeatedly by Bluegreen Resorts (sometimes known as Great Vacations - depending on what rep you speak with.) I've asked them over and over again to stop calling me that I'm not interested in purchasing or claiming any vacation by them. One Rep on 11/27/2012 called me at 11:27am and once again I told him that I wasn't interested.

I asked for his name and he refused to give me his name. I told him my number belonged to the do-not-call list. He then said that they received my information from a contest I had entered at my local fair so I couldn't do a d*mn thing about it. I asked to speak to a manager and he told me, "My manager can't talk to you because they're helping people that DO want to take a vacation!" I begged him to stop calling me.

He then started yelling at me, talking over me and saying "Why? Why don't you want a vacation huh? WHY?" I told him that since the fair I had been diagnosed with cancer and just went through surgery. I'm now at home recuperating and taking a vacation is the last thing on my mind as getting WELL is all I want to do.

He then said, "OH so you can't take a vacation in the next 2 years? Is that what you're telling me?" I told him to just stop getting me upset! I just want them to stop calling me. He said that wasn't going to happen.

Then he told me, "OK how 'bout this. You just stay in your house and DIE OF CANCER! JUST DIE OF CANCER!" I was completely appauled. How could someone say this???

Over a vacation scam? They're telling me to die of cancer? This surely can't be legal! As he screamed at me before hanging up, I called back and left a message stating that if they called me again then it would be considered harrassment.

To NOT call me back again! However, once again at 5:33pm on 11/27/2012 they called me back again. I told the guy what happened earlier that day and asked to speak to a manager as the other guy wouldn't allow me to. I also asked for their address and a valid phone number to file a complaint.

He asked me to hold a moment and within 30 seconds I was hung up on. Something needs to be done!

This is totally un-called for and criminal in my opinion.

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Actually I'm a woman. I'm not a violent person and I don't agree with being as equally mean to them...

The last phone call of theirs I recorded and stated to them that I was recording the call and that once again I was asking them to stop calling me, made reference to the other rep that was so disrespectful to me by telling me "to just stay in my house and die of my cancer" (I had been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in Oct and had surgery in Nov and had spent all of Dec recuperating by the way...) I told him that I had documented everything and this would be my finaly request for them to stop calling or I'd take everything to an attorney and pursue them legally.

Fortunately, I haven't received another phone call.

For me, I just hope no one else is harrassed and treated as poorly by them as I was.


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