Bloomington, Minnesota
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We unfortunately purchased in 2005. We have had various issues, but the continuous HARRASSING phone calls are really starting to *** me off!

They have called 5 times today alone. First call came at 9:42am, 877-679-9903. I didn't answer. Call two came at 3:46. I answered, but said nothing. They hung up and I blocked the number. Call three came at 3:47 from unknown number. I answered and told the woman I was not interested in an owners update or anything else. She proceeded to talk over me even though I told her if I needed anything, I would call them. I hung up. Calls four and five came both at 3:50, which I sent to voice mail. I then called corporate to make a complaint.

Since August 6th, they have called 10 times. I have asked to be removed from their list. I have hung up on them, blocked the number, and complained. I am so tired of Bluegreen, I could puke!

Never, ever buy from them! You'll be sorry if you do. They want you to do owners updates, which is where they promise you all kinds of stuff like free stays, visa gift cards, etc and then keep you there for three to four hours. Then when you've finally had enough of they're high pressure sales tactics and ask for your "free gift" they become even more rude and take a half hour to get your gift. Even pissy because you won't spend more money. Thank you, but I think 11 grand was plenty for what you've put us through Bluegreen. You harrass the *** out of us, you have embarrassed us in front of our guests, and treated us rudely at the one owners update we attended in 2006.


Monetary Loss: $11000.

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I was an owner of Bluegreen also. I had paid them over $22,000 in payments and fees.

never once was i able to book a room at the initial resort that i was

shown when i made this investment.

well i.decided that Bluegreen had received enough of my money so i quit paying them.

I found out that they have me listed as a foreclosure. Enough said because of this i was turned down for a refinance.

Any ideas??????

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