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I requested a document from them to turn into the bank because I am refinancing my house. Well 6 weeks later and after 5 or 6 phone calls from me, I finally received the correct document.

Well the lock on my loan had expired and I had to pay to extend it. So I was going to get back about $800 originally, but instead I had to pay $1000 out of pocket to close the loan. I am planning a wedding and honeymoon and I had to use money for that to close on the loan. I called Bluegreen to complain about the issue and the "manager" I spoke to basically said it was my fault.

All she did was offer to give me points to use during off seasons that would expire in a year. Well I am using all my vacation time for the wedding and honeymoon, so I wont be able to use them.

So she did nothing for me except telling me it was my fault and I was out of luck.

For a company that prides themselves on customer service, they sure did drop the ball on this one.

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After you refinance the house, stop paying Bluegreen (especially if you don't need to buy a car, if you already have a home equity loan in place, or if you have the cash for a car). Ride out the credit hit.

Change your credit card and/or bank account numbers so they can't automatically debit.

Tell them to send you a deed in lieu of foreclosure or just to pound sand. These memberships are totally not worth it, if you haven't figured it out already.

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