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My wife did not bring the major credit card with her so we could not hear the presentation. Even after we offered to go online and pull up our amex account to show them that we qualify they said we cant do that because the paper work said that we had to bring it with us.

So i pulled out the fine print to show her that it only said we had to have one. not that we had to show them. So they played back the recording of my wife on the phone before the trip. and they said "do you have a major credit card not associated with your bank account".

then she got on the phone with me and said did you hear that. I said yes and we do have one in fact we have two. But it did not say we had to bring it to check in. So she said that have means in hand.

So I said I have a wife but she is not here with me just like I have a card that is not here with me right now.

And than she said call customer service who also did not offer any help. So here I sit pissed off waiting for charges to show up on the card that we supposedly don't have.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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My husband and young son were innocently shopping at our local Bass Pro near our home when approached by a sales person that talked my husband into taking a $600 4 day vacation at a beautiful location just down the road from Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO. Our two story 5 bedroom 4 bath accommodations were amazing.

We took another family with us that split the cost making the accommodations only $300 per family. He had agreed to a 90 minute presentation that turned into 5 miserable hours. My husband and I purchased 18,000 points from Bluegreen Resorts in June of 2009. We were subjected to extremely high pressure sales tactics and what we later discovered were all lies.

We are extremely sorry we ever heard the name Bluegreen. Once you sign the contract it is truly for life unless you want your credit ruined. The availability is so limited it is useless to even own this timeshare. We feel so foolish for allowing ourselves to throw away hard earned money that should have been spent for our children's college educations.

Now we own something that is worthless even though we were promised a great investment.

I kn ow there are so many others out there just as disgusted with Bluegeen as we are. I hope they will someday be stopped from ruining peoples lives.

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