Kalamazoo, Michigan

We called to book a cruise though bluegreen points. (7000) we have, and they told us we have to cash them in first and it was only worth $250.00 that is ***..

They did not tell us that when we bought into the timeshare.. They said we can use our points on any of the many many cruise lines that they have.. We have been lied to many times after buying. And the preasure is awfull..

I will never buy into this type of thing again....

I just can not believe that there are any satisfied coustomers. Linda Duncan

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Blueegreen has 1000s of satisfied customers. The company is very successful - and you can't stay in business if it was simply a scam.


Hello UK ( aka Miss Piggy for those of you who have researched other threads).

Good vs. Evil.....Good always wins.

To the original complaint.... Thank you for trying to warn the public.

Sorry that you have to be harassed by the likes of UK...being scammed is bad enough.... Being harassed by the scammers is intolerable. Based on my research there are very few satisfied customers. Best recourse for this scam is to contact your Attorney General and the manager of whatever establishment allowed these scammers to lure you in.


Honest citizen yet another name !!!!!!!


Be glad you missed out on the cruise deal....you would have been in a horrible cabin at the bottom of the boat. It is terrible what they do to people.


Bluegreen Corp scams people daily. Thanks for posting. If more people would take the time to read these complaints this company would be forced to either hire honest employees or shut down.


sorry Pulltype you are wrong yet again there are thousands upon thousands of happy owners

I have to ask the question do these people not read the imformation they are given it clearly states how many points and what you will get off a cruise. What I do not understand is why do people buy into timeshare then want to book a curise , why do they not just go to one of the discount websites and book their cruse on line.

By the way what on earth were you expecting to get with just 7000 points


Very few satisfied customers.

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