Wichita, Kansas

If you go to Missouri on vacation, please don't ever go to listen to those scambags. those people from bluegreen corparation are a bunch of liars.

They promise you a bunch of things that ate not true. as far as i am concerned blue green should put out of business and his employees put in jail for scaming innocent and nice people. please please don't ever get into any business with those pieces of ***.

since we signed with them 3 years ago we have been able to go on vacation.

they never have open spots for us or the *** points we have are not enough. they are nothing but highway robbers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Please contact me at doyouwanttosuebluegreen@yahoo.com

I am currenty trying to get enough people who are fed up with the lies and shady sales tactics and want to do something about it.


If you WORK for Blue Green I am sure , silly darling, you would not have trouble booking. The promise, silly darling pig is that part of the sales pitch is cost savings, BUT then you silly darling BG worker piggy try to make them feel bad and call them moochers or tight. Sounds like, little siily darling pig that BG folks are the cheating moochers, silly, darling piggy


Darling you are just another one of those silly people who do not seem to have the brains they were born with.

You complain but have never learned how to use it

You complain that the reservation staff tell you that you do not have enough points

Well how many points do you have?

It makes me laugh at all the complainers on here saying they can not get a reservation in the past 8 yrs I have never had that problem, and do not blaim the reservation staff because you did not buy enough points to enable you to vist the resorts that you would like to. That darlings is you being very tight.

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