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My family and I were shopping at the Myrtle Beach Tanger outlets on May 16, 2015, when we passed a Blue green resort kiosk. We were approached by an older gentleman named Mark, who asked if we had ten seconds to speak with him. Mark pulled out a catalog filled with gorgeous, glamorous images of beautiful destination vacations. Our eyes immediately went to the resort in St. Petersburg, FL and the Sea Glass resort in Myrtle Beach. Mark sold us on all of the amenities of these particular locations, and told us that we could go there, or ANYWHERE, in the book for a seven night, eight day vacation. He advised that we would just have to take a brief 90 minute tour of one of their properties, and would then additionally receive a certificate for a 3, 4, or 5 night FREE carnival cruise. This offer, of course, sounded amazing and too good to be true. After consideration, we decided to purchase this package for $699.00 with a $100 Visa gift card rebate that was activated at the point of sale.

We left the kiosk on cloud nine. We could not believe our great luck that we were going to get two vacations for $700!!!!

The following day, we called Bluegreen to make our reservations for the St. Pete resort. Before we were even able to give our name or account number, we were told it was not available. We then requested the Sea Glass in Myrtle Beach, and were advised it was not available either. We advised the agent that Mark had told us that we could go ANYWHERE in the catalog. The rep advised that Mark had provided incorrect information to us, that we COULD NOT go anywhere in the book.

We immediately hung up and called and spoke with Mark, and asked us why he lied to us about the destinations that we could go to. He stated that he was confused, and thought that we bought the $199 package, that provided only limited availability to select resorts. We reminded Mark that we did not purchase that package, and that he should know since we had the printout for our $699 package that he had written on, signed and attached his business card. Mark then started trying to come up with ridiculous excuses for deceiving us and was unable to provide a reasonable explanation as to why he had intentionally mislead us. He then asked us not to call Bluegreen because he was afraid that he would lose his job.

We obviously called Bluegreen right back and asked if there would be anyway that that they could accommodate us for the Tradewinds resort in St. Pete or the Sea Glass resort in Myrtle Beach since we had been lied to. The agent advised that they could not accommodate us. We escalated above the agent, and asked to speak with her supervisor. We were transferred to a supervisor by the name of Stephanie. Stephanie told us that she did not have any availability for a seven night stay at St. Pete or Sea Glass, but she would submit a request to see if we could be downgraded to the lower $199 package, which would provide a five night stay, with an upgrade for the additional two nights stay that we would have to pay out of pocket for. She said that she would call us back within 24-72 hours. It goes without saying that we waited patiently, but never received a return call from Stephanie, as promised.

On Wednesday, May 20th, we called Bluegreen to follow up on our request. We spoke with a rep named Greta. Greta was very nice, and did try her best to assist us. We questioned availability once again, and were told there was nothing. We told Greta that we were waiting for a phone call back from Stephanie. She told us that Stephanie had left for the day. Greta checked the past notes and said that there had been no response for Stephanie’s request. When we inquired as to why she failed to return the call as promised, Greta advised that if there was no response, the supervisors often forgot to call customers back. Of course, this upset us even more. So, we escalated to another supervisor, Lynette.

When Lynette took over the call, we inquired as to why we were not called back. Lynette was very professional and apologetic, but she did not provide a suitable explanation as to why we were never contacted as promised. We asked Lynette to be honest and upfront with us, and to let us know if we hand any chance of getting a reservation for our requested date of August 16, 2015, at ANY of their resorts. She was completely honest, and told us there was absolutely no way possible. We decided to compromise on our vacation, and asked if there were any beachfront location available for any of their resorts. She again was very honest and advised that it would be impossible for us to get a reservation during our requested time due to very limited availability. We expressed that we were very angry and upset. The whole reason that we purchased the offer is because the salesman, Mark, pitched us on a pack of lies. Excuses were made, and Lynette told us that the sales people’s jobs were to get people in for a tour, and it was not uncommon for them to misrepresent to make a sale. They were aware of this problem, but were working diligently to prevent it in the future. Apparently, they are completely aware that the agents lie and deceive and say anything to get people in.

We asked for a complete refund of the $699 that we paid. We told her that we did not want the Visa gift card, since you could not use it everywhere. We had to go back and forth with her on the gift card, and she did finally agree to deactivate, and refund us the $699. We have since received a refund for $599, and not the $699 which was agreed on. Yet again, we will have to call Bluegreen again and beg them to do what they promised.

Bottom line: These folks are swill merchants. They are a misleading, double-dealing, fraudulent group of liars who will say ANYTHING to make a sale. Take my advice and steer clear of these guys. They will only ruin your day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: Hold music is festive.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Deceptive sales practices, Salesperson lied, Unknowledgeable employees, Employees make excuses, Refund was shorted.

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