San Jose, California
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This was the worst experience ever! I decided not to take advantage of the company's offer (wait...i mean they charged me $165 for 2 nights rooms) and they informed me I could only receive a refund with a written letter.

My letter was 3 days late...any I was told there was no way to ever get my money back. They actually didn't care if I ever took my trip but would never refund my money.

I talked to the highest supervisors and all I got was

I would never do business with this company. Remember, most time-share companies will provide you FREE rooms to tour, never pay for something up front.

Monetary Loss: $168.

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Lord Mankinholes says "seems you were only after a cheap stay"

Hey genius, THAT's exactly what they try to sell you in the Bass Pro Shops-a cheap stay! Why else would anyone pay to get sold to?!


I am reading all these comments and i am very sorry to here of your experience.i can only advise people to buy there own vacation homes as time share is an american nightmare.and not just bluegreen but all of the past year you have no idea how they have treated us and also the remaining associates. At least while i was there i took care of the owners to the best of my ability

to xbluegreen ***ociate Gaffney, South Carolina, United States #1296652

i would really like to speak to you about bluegreen

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #72886

mmmmmmm seems you were only after a cheap stay.

How many times have you worked this scam since you seem to know that "most Timeshare companies provide a FREE room to tour"

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