Wilmington, Delaware

We recently bought into a Bluegreen ownership. After getting home and truly looking at the cost to vacation at their resorts we have decided it is more costly than we had anticipated. Our fault for not fully understanding.

My questions is does anyone have any experience with defaulting on a mortgage with Bluegreen? I would be happy losing the down payment, walking away and letting them have the property back.

My concern is would they come after you aggressively (taking you to court) or would they just take the property back (after trying to get you to pay for a while).

Anyone have any comments?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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They tried to get us to buy into their vacation pkg but, signed on for the sampler for a year and is a pain I see to get anything booked because nothing is available....I am glad I did not do the whole thing...


To the people who are bashing your post obviously have never been in an unfortunate situation. My husband and I purchased with BG over 10 years ago and we have tried to sell, donate, and any other available options.

We tried to get out of it the next day after signing and received nothing but lies. Promises after promises that they would take care of it an it would be resolved. We only invested to begin with for a rental property that was suppose to pay for itself. They fail to tell you that they don't rent anymore.

We've never used it because nothing is ever available.

It's a total SCAM!!!!!! :(


Yes, scam it is. Can't even book vacations, bc"nothing is ever available, anywhere".


you plonkers should learnhow to read on contract before ticking little boxes saying you understand it all, now you have all done that so take responsibilty for your own actions

@oh my god

Why are you even on here if you don't own one or know what's going on? You don't have a clue to speak on what these people have done, or how they give you 1 amazing vacation, & then get you to commit while you're there as if this is what you'll revive ever time for $2,800 annually.

Which is FEASIBLE you could take a family of 6 on annual vacation for that amount of money to a nice resort!!

It's not like you're paying little in hopes of getting a lot. You're paying for what you should get, the example of the first vacation.


Write a formal complaint to your and their State Attorney General's Office, the Better Business Bureau, State and Federal Commerce Office and FTC. Document everything you do. The Attorney General for the State of Philidelphia had success against Bluegreen.


Write up a formal complaint on what was promised and on every point explain how it was not provided.


To the *** telling everyone to just pay they bills you must have had everything handed to you never had a job or responcibilities..... Blue green can kiss my *** they would not take no for an answer we said no 5 times and my now ex wife said yes the sixth time and I said no *** no buy they would not let us leave......... Sound familiar to any one?

@Blue green ***ks big phat donk

Your ranting would have more credibility if you knew how to spell or used "spell check" before posting.

@Blue green ***ks big phat donk

yes in myrtle beach got us to

No Timeshare

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We used ours one time and it seems no matter how far ahead I try to book they are full yet if I want to pay for it they have room. We just want out.

@nobody especially to bluegreen

Yep. That's what we've experienced too


Darlings I have told you many time I have never had any problems in getting a reservation

Go ahead and give those lawyers lots of your money they are the ones who will scam you my darlings.

Just don't forget whos name is on the contract, could it be YOURS


We really want to get out of this company too who just take our money and nothing in return for every place we requested to book. How can they lie to the customer like that ?

Is it legal to do so in US ?

If anyone thinking of class action law suit , I'm ready for that . Please emmail me at yinm25@gmail.com


What they will do is waite till you put it up for sell with one of these so called timeshare sellers and you only get 10 cents on a dollar for what you paid for it. They will handle the mortgage transfer and the financing for the next sucker ho buys it.

Where do you think they got yours from. It belonged to someone else before - but yet they say thy do not buy them


We, like most others who bought into Bluegreen have been ruined by the lies and outright fraud that is this company. During our presentation (in 2003) after telling them no several times they began working on my wife and kids (9& 11) how I was wrong and actually had both the kids crying and begging until my wife finally talked me into it.

We have never been able to book anything. After keeping our fees and dues paid for several years, we were still constantly turned down for reservations with many excuses why we could never get anything we wanted. In the last couple of years, our income dropped until I was laid off for a year and we got behind on the fees and dues that had increased beyond our means. Our credit is now ruined.

We held up our end for years by paying for something we never used but we don't feel they held up thier end by refusing every request we made. Now if we could just cut our losses and have our credit restored we would be happy. We have never been late with the mortgage on the property but the fees for nothing have us in a huge bind.

Anyone considering doing business with this company beware! We still don't know how we will ever resolve this.


I have been a Bluegreen owner for three years and have been very pleased with properties and the value. However, due to downturn in economy, I was laid off for six months last year.

Fell behind on everything. I love to keep it, but I can no longer afford it.

Like others, I don't want to make any money, just get out and take the loss. Any suggestions?


I have been trying to get out since 10/08 and they won't leave me alone either. If anyone figures out how to get out without it affecting your credit rating, please post for all. TX.


I am amazed by all the people complaining on these sights. I own with 2 different companies.

The biggest complaint that I hear is people do not use it. Well shame on you. The other on is they can not afford it. Then why did you buy it?

If you bought a car and could not afford it can you just turn it in? Really listen to yourselves. That is why the economy is the way it is right now.

No one wants to be responcible and pay their bills or better yet don't vacation for about 5 years and pay cash. Then no worries.

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