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I have am buying 9000 points with Blue Green. For 2 of the vacations that I set up for Myrtle Beach and Ormand Beach it was fine except for one thing.

Every time, I HAD to meet with a rep who did their darnedest to make me buy more points. I spent actual hours waiting to begin my vacation while saying, "no. No thank you, No." They were appalled that I only took 1 vacation a year. I explained I'm a teacher and my sister always accompanied me.

Now I come to the last straw. I called to confirm at Casa Del Mar and was given a time to meet with a rep. I arrived on time and told the rep, "I am not buying more points and I would like to be done in an hour or less." The rep said, "Why are you here?" I explained and he said, "All you had to do was say, no." Again I am told that he cannot believe that I only took 1 vacation a year. I explained, again.

"Well, is there no one else you can go with?" I said, "No". "How about a cruise?" "No thank you" I replied. "Have you had a bas cruise experience?" "No." I reply. "Then go on a cruise." "No, thank you." Then he said it, "Stop interrupting me." "What?" I asked.

"See, you did it again. I can't finish my sentence before you start talking." I'm gobsmacked. "I don't know why you don't want to go on a cruise. Do you know ANYTHING about cruises?" I told him that I had a friend who went on cruises with her girlfriend.

"Can't you go with them?" "No". He said that I wouldn't be able to make vacation plans for long with 9000 points. "I don't want to buy anymore points." "Stop interrupting me." He literally told me to stop interrupting him at least 10 times. He said he was not asking me to buy more points, yet I had to sign 2 pieces of paper that said I was declining 2 offers.

He also told me that if I had booked 7 days in the hotel without points, it would have been cheaper than what I am paying for my points. After that, the young man stood and walked away. Didn't bid me farewell say we were finished. Nothing.

Now, I do not mention in casual conversation that I am clinically depressed, have an anxiety disorder and PTSD. I keep my meds handy and take them as directed. This time, the meds did not work. For 7 days, I left the room for an hour or 2 and came back to the hotel and went to bed.

For 7 days. With my sister wondering what to do. I wrote to customer service and was told how sorry they were. Meanwhile, Bluegreen has pulled out my references that I foolishly gave them and started calling them all again.

I had to call everyone and apologize. I wrote another letter to customer service. So sorry, they said. Well, my sister sent me a text last week asking if we were going on vacation.

I cannot see myself purposefully calling or making reservations through Blue Green. I was patronized, belittled, all but told how *** I was and repeated told to just be quiet. My problems were exacerbated by this experience and I didn't have a vacation last August. I spent 7 days sitting in a hotel room, sleeping and trying to forget the experience.

Believe me, I can deal with depression, anxiety and PTSD at home for free.

I do not have a video or photo to add credibility. I was too buy being sick.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Terrible reps..

Preferred solution: Let me give back these horrible points. No remuneration for me, just a clean split with no contracts with my name on them. No more payments and just keep the money I've spent so far. .

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: It was a scam, Sales.

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I work for a company that does transfers of timeshares out of owners names, exactly like your situation. I came across this website while doing some further research into Blue Green for some of our potential clients.

As I read your personal situations and more about the representatives and how many of you found yourselves in this situation, I could not help but reply. We are in business specifically because of all of the scams and out right lies that happen around timeshares. I believe you could benefit immensely from the information we provide alone even if you do not want to proceed. If you are interested our company is, read through our information and give us a call if it is something you may be interested in pursuing.

1-888-731-3815 Thank you for your time. With hope, Alex


You have every right to forgo an "update" session. You are an "owner" and you control your vacation schedule. Don't let a "parking pass attendant" or a phone solicitor tell you that you HAVE to see a salesman.

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