Indianapolis, Indiana
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We have owned for a few years. Every time we go to book a reservation even if we do it a year in advance there are no availabilities.

The last 3 vacations we have tried to book have had no vacancies and we end up paying for accomodations. Not only that but we still have to make our monthly payment and pay to stay somewhere else. We have a like 50,000 points saved because we cannot seem to get a reservaiton to use them. Even at that we have to pay to save the point that we should have been able to use.

CRAZY... Just don't buy take your money that you would use for payments every month and just pay your own hotel bill...

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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I do not recommend to buy any timeshare. I attended a presentation a couple of years ago and purchased 10,000 points.

When I tried to use them, my options were very limited; therefore ended using in a place that we did not plan to go at all, so we had two chooses, take what they had available or loose our points. We ended up using 5,500 (more of less) points and lost the rest. A year later, a BlueGreen rep calls us to "make it to us" for the loss. After many calls from

BG we went and the salesman was very pushy and kind of aggressive.

Big mistake, we purchased the time share (3000 points/year) plus maintenance fees that totaled about $520.

After carefully thinking I realized that 3000 points a year was not for us and decided to cancel the purchase (within 10 days) as stipulated on the agreement. I was supposed to get muy refund within 30 days, we are close to 40 and I am still waiting. I called several times, they left on hold for a long periods of time and I am still waiting...

Do not let "sweet and friendly" words convince you!! :(

Learn from other peoples's mistakes, if you can!!

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