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Due to an overlook on my part, I underpaid our fees by $49. I do all my bills on-line and paid that bill from memory (which is why I underpaid by $49).

Never thought much of it. We moved, causing a confusing in our mailing address. Well, Bluegreen turned our account over to their collections company which charged us a late fee daily based on our entire fee charge of $469. Bluegreen and their collections company also claimed I didn't pay at all-which after showing them the cancelled checks they stopped that line.

I am presently in negotiations/argument with Bluegreen because I'm fine with paying a late fee for the $49 I underpaid them. But since they charged me a daily late fee on the full amount, I've been charged an additional $458! Presently, I've paid $927 on a $469 bill and my account stills says I owe them 26 cents. Why do I keep paying them?

Because if this goes on my credit report, I'll never get good rates on houses or cars. Bluegreen and their collections company basically charged me nearly 95% in late fees. Um, a little illegal I think.

Last letter I sent gave them 20 days to refund me or I'll get a lawyer involved.

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I agree that Bluegreen's customer service is well below standards. If you are considering sitting through one of their boiler room pitches, note the time that you arrived and leave.

Someone should purchase bluegreen sales people a watch. While I wouldn't say Bluegreen is a scam, this is one of those painful life lessons where buyer must beware because, candidly, Bluegreen is in it for the money.

I don't fault them for the business but point with serious disdain at their ethics and business practices. Think twice before attending this, or any, timeshare presentation.


I attended a Bluegreen presentation, and I am so glad I didn't sign up! I'm sorry for all your problems--it would seem that since they brag so much about their exceptional customer service, they would want to work with someone who obviously made a simple error.

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