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Last year I unexpectedly lost my job and when I explained to Bluegreen that I was having financial difficulties and hadn't been able to use any of my points they expressed sympathy but reminded me that I was still expected to pay my dues and maintenance fees on time. I was also treated like a red headed step child when I attended an owner update and refused to upgrade or purchase more time.

I had three agents all talking at once trying to force me into buying more and became very aggressive when I refused. I was told You've enjoyed the perks and freebies you received this weekend didn't you? You should be more considerate of us and upgrade. I really would like to sell this thing but I still am stuck with it and haven't been able to use any of the "wonderful" vacation sites in 2 years.

I just want to be free of them and all they demand for the few "perks" they offer. Living on a fixed income and having to pay for something I can't use or enjoy is the pits.

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Oh! Yes they were smooth as honey free breakfast

all kinds of promises it is all a bunch a BS.

We paid our maintnence fees and then tried to book a trip and they said before we could book we had to pay the years maintnence fees also.

I am very ill and cannot travel anymore and ask that they sell our package. No they told us we had to hire a company to sell it for us, another big expence. Whoever reads this and has not got snowed by these people DO NOT BUY!

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