Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

My husband bought a 3 day 2 night bluegreen vacation package in Wisconsin Dells while at a Golf show in March. I was NOT happy, but it was a Dells vacation and we got it for $99 and some gifts; all we had to do was sit thru a presentation of "90-160 minutes".

We booked for July 14th.

We had to check in at Christmas mountain before we could do anything. They couldn't find us and it took about 30 minutes to get everything straightened out. They needed both our ID's and a CC.

My husband had worked out a gift package when he signed up of a $50 visa card, a $75 restaurant gift card and water park passes to Mt. Olympus. My first red flag was when she tried to say that our Chula Vista waterpark passes could be picked up at our hotel, the Best Western. No, we were offered water park passes to Mt.

Olympus and we want them...another 20 minutes and they finally coughed them up. We set our "presentation" time for 8am the next day to get it out of the way so we could enjoy the rest of Monday and Tuesday. Monday, 8am: 1 1/2 hrs in a room with about 15 other people and our "presenter" Glen, who sweat and spoke rapidly thru the entire thing. Glen caught me not watching him intently towards the end and asked me if I was texting.

Um, what? Dad, is that you? I wasn't texting, in fact my phone was locked in my purse on mute, but I wasn't paying attention either. I'd admit if I was texting.

I gave him a "What??" look and said No, I'm not texting and he told me to at least be respectful and made a devil sign at me. Seriously. Maybe Glen was coming down off whatever he was on, not sure, but you catch more flies with honey Glen. At the point I stopped "being respectful" they were talking about this point system and renting yachts.

What it translated to was I'd STILL have to pay for these hotels and yachts, but hey, YOU GET THESE GREAT DISCOUNTS! Huh? So what am I buying? A discount program?

So yes Glen, you lost my interest and b/o your comment to me, you DID lose my respect (not that I was giving you any, I admit that, but I was trying to listen). After this, we are shuffled off to the "sales team". They grab you and take you to kiosks and start throwing numbers at you. Of course the dollar amounts they say you spend for the amount of time you vacation are grossly overinflated.

The deeper we got into it, the less value I could see in it. Even if we vacationed a lot, there is no more value in this then just going to priceline.com or Disney or hotels.com on line and booking thru them. If we bought, we would of had the joy of paying them for a "deed" on "property" that technically doesn't exist for the next seven years of our life at 15.99% interest. Oh and yearly fees and maintenance charges.

THEN we'd STILL have to pay for the rooms, albeit discounted. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BUY INTO THIS??? 4 HOURS LATER we were released. We did have a great time with Dustin, our sales rep and do wish him all the best...and I hope he finds a new job too, he seems way to honest for this line of work.

Another 30 minutes of standing in a line waiting to get our gifts and we were out of there by 1pm. Oh and PS the "restaurant gift card" is actually just another discount program...you have to pay x amount before they'll apply your gift card. And most of the restaurants don't take anything except $5 or $10 off a meal. We don't eat out that much so this is really a pointless "gift".

I'm going to give it to a friend who might get more out of it. We ended up having a great time on much of Bluegreens dime so thank you for that! But I wouldn't ever do this again and I wouldn't recommend anyone bother to even do the vacation package and the presentation. It's not for the weak at heart, it's very high pressure and they'll keep you and offer you deal after deal until you get to the "free" package, which we also turned down.

Poor Dustin was amazed.

Sorry Dustin, nothing in life is "free". And *** you Glen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $103.

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Trying to stay at the Odyssey

They keep putting me at Christmas Mountain......want to go where the Wayer Park is.....I have been on the phone with them for hours


We had gotten a 4 day, 3 night package, but we had to go to a 1 PM meeting which shot our whole day. Our package did not include any gift or VISA cards, so they could not hold us hostage. Yes, we went to the big presentation (was it really cold in that room when you went?), but our was only an hour. When we told them that we booked our entire vacation on Priceline for $50 per night, they got a sense that they couldn't sell to us. They did waste another hour taking us around. Frankly, I thought the grounds at Christmas Mountain were kind of ugly. Anyway, we got out after two hours, which was their promised time.

One thing that also worked for me was the fact that I had printouts of Wisconsin State Law (Section 707) that stated clearly that keeping someone for more than the promised time was a clear violation. Luckily, I didn't have to spring that on them. You can look that up as well as a complaint form if you want to report them.

After the presentation, we did have a good time, though we were staying at Chula Vista, which is in serious need of modernization, to say the least.


Hi Victor! YES it was FREEZING.

I'm glad I had the foresight to bring a sweater! Our tour was the same...personally I thought it way to crowded :/ Unfortunately, I read about the WI state statutes after we got home....I SO wish I would of had that info beforehand! Thanks for the tip on the complaint form...I think I might do that.

That was way too much time to spend saying NO over and over! I only heard one champagne bottle pop during my time stuck there...my assumption is they didn't do too well with our group :D


When we were there we saw a couple hanging outside smoking a cigarette. I think they went in every once in awhile to be the "happy family" that just bought from Bluegreen so the salespeople could pop that champagne (or whatever it was). Then they went back outside with their Bluegreen logo shirts and smoked.

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