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I reserved a vacation back on February 8th, 4 months ago with blue green. My fiance was sketchy about it saying I should probably not do it if I don’t want to be disappointed and so forth and so on but I did it anyway on 3 contingents 1) we have two queen beds, 2) a private balcony and 3) be in downtown Gatlinburg.

I spoke to Steven Hammer on 2/8 at 3:16pm said they normally don’t promise the hotel and room but if I book it he would stay on the line to call over to make sure the availability was there since it was so far in advance and if it was we were good to go that my needs would be met. Since that day speaking with Steven on 2/8/18, I was sent a conformation of the dates 6/16-6/23 didn’t have a hotel name on it but Steven said it wouldn’t so no worries, right ?! I also spoke with Mrs. Garcia on 5/29/18 at 12:02pm confirming this as well.

Well imagine June 16th driving 13 hours with two kids ages 7 & 10 months - get to the hotel and the lady says to me “we don’t have a reservation for you” so I call Bluegreen vacations come to find out after speaking with Sophia for 1 hr & 44 mins they placed us in a different hotel 42 mins away (with traffic) from downtown gatlinburg with no balcony & the electric sockets and air conditioner were broke. Sophia said they couldn’t move us to gatlinburg bc there was no openings so she could have a lady Amanda check on Monday morning if one comes available and that Amanda would call us and we could either be moved to gatlinburg tn Monday morning or get a refund so we agreed went up to our room in pigeon forge and the ac didn’t work where they placed us and the maintenance at that hotel told us they were replacing air condition units all day and ran out of new ones so unfortunately there was nothing they could do as the hotel was sold out as well.

With having a baby and it being 103 outside and 86 inside when we got there and nothing they could do I called Bluegreen to get my money back and go elsewhere which in return had to spend $1100 on a hotel when we budgeted $499 that was already paid for in February. So then we got to enjoy ourselves in a hot parking lot in pigeon forge searching for hotels on the internet with a screaming baby who’s tired of being in a car seat - when you work 40+ hours 51 weeks of the year you reallyyyy look forward to that ONE week and I can say I will never ever recommend or even think about staying at a choice hotel or blue green vacation site ever again.Even both receptionists said how they would never book through bluegreen and the one gentlemen said “they couldn’t pay me to do it” and they WORK for the establishment so lesson learned on my behalf !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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