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dear sir or madam,I was a guest at Bluegreen Resort, in Harbour Lights, from Friday, May 28, 2010, to Monday, May 31, 2010. I am contacting you in order to share my experiences while there.I rented (3) three units for the long holiday weekend and invited family and friends to accompany me. one family included an eleven months old infant and a 3.1/2 years old toddler. I am mentioning their ages so you will have some insight in the amount of clothing and supplies that were needed for these children. The adults and children were required to pack up and move to another unit everyday. The next (3) three units were not ready at 10:00 am , the time for check out of the present units. Therefore, I took my luggage and my friend's luggage to the golf course with me on Saturday and Sunday. My guests, who were not playing golf, had to wait around wherever possible until at least one unit was cleaned and ready for occupacy. Imagine my embarassment when my guests were so inconvienced. I had been informed that one move would be necessary not (3) three moves everyday.In all my years of traveling and vacationing I have never been treated the way I was treated at Bluegreen Resort. Lise call everyday to inquire whether the new units were satisfactory after the moves, We stayed in units, Friday 7, 20 and 22Saturday 1314, 1333 and 14Sunday 17, 18 and 21I will always remember how my family, friends and I were treated at bluegreen Resorts.

James Anderson

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I understand what you're saying, James: because they made you move, you had to be OUT of your previous night's room by 10AM like guests who were checking out completely, but had nowhere to put all your stuff between check-out and check-in. Right?

That's ridiculous, and I'm sorry it happened to you. In my own travel experiences, anytime the hotel/resort has required us to change rooms, they've offered to hold our luggage securely in the office, in the interim.

It's simple courtesy and customer service, regardless of WHY they're asking you to switch. No matter how many people post comments about the impossibility of giving you new rooms immediately (which is true), the important part is that the staff blew it and you weren't treated right.


what you don't know is i was told i would have to move, but when i get there , everything changed.


Looks like you did not do you homework, Check in is @ 4:00pm no at 10:00am


Minimum age for check-in: 23

Check-in: 4 p.m.

Check-out: 10 a.m.

Office hours: 24 hours

Late check-in procedures: Call ahead to notify resort of late check-in. Upon arrival, check in with welcome associate at the reception building.


No units are ever ready at 10.00am...

Lord Mankinholes

come on use your head man.

think why you had to move all those times.

The answer is that they did not have a unit for those 3 days, now if the unit you moved into on the secondday had been occupied on your first day (which it would have been ) then those folks had to be out by 10 am, so how on earth were they ment to clean the unit and then let you in at 10 am.

The impossible they do immediatly miracles take a little longer

Please just re read your comments and then please tell us all how you would have done it, the only way it can be ready at 10 am is if the owners leave early and not at 10 am


its sad money mean everything and people are missed treated like this.

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