Farmington, Connecticut

I can never get a reservation unless I book exactly 11 months before. I always ask for a poolside room

and can never be guaranteed to receive this. Last year I was told I could have 2 rooms on the same

floor poolside close to each other since I had family coming with us. When I arrived in Aruba,

my family was at the other end of the resort facing the street. I vehemently complained and was

given 4,000 extra points. to use by the end of October 2013. When I tried to book in for 2013, I was

told I could not use the 4,000 points in the red zone of October. I gave up 2 beautiful pool side

rooms to buy at Bluegreen and have regretted it ever since When I booked in, I was told I could

still have those rooms when I visited. In the last 4 years, I have not been able to get those rooms

that I gave up. Anyone want to buy a timeshare for 11,000 points.

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