Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Everything associated with Bluegreen is a lie. They sell this package based on their "First Visit Charter Certificate" which promises cheap rooms at bluegreen resorts.

The problem is, they are never available. If you are even entertaining the idea of purchasing, REFUSE TO BUY ANYTHING BUT THE SAMPLER. It is a 1 year program for not much money and you can convert it the NEXT day to basically get a free 9,000 points with no restrictions. Or buy it on the secondary market.

Look on eBay, there are many owners trying to dump this subpar product. I would never recommend that anyone buys these vacations.

They also give preferential treatment to people with much more points. They book all the good weeks before most people get the chance to even try to book them.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Bluegreen is a rip off. Run from them!

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