Des Moines, Iowa

My wife and I signed up to win a vacation get away at a local county fair. Suprisingly we won (how many other people won???), the sales person talked up this extravigant vacation.

It sounded very appealing and very economical, so we went for it. Towards the end of the conversation, we asked about airline tickets and if they were included in the package deal. He went on to say that since 9/11, they couldn't offer airfare, but the company would give us a very great rate on airfare through the company when we booked our reservations. We got out the calendar and picked out some dates, but when we called they said that they didn't offer discounted airfare.

We cancled this package, hopefully the money will get credited back to our account.

I don't know........seems like it's too good to be true with company. Looking at some of the other comments posted here, it looks like this vacation may have pissed the whole family off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I also won one of these vacations and it has been presented to me as a free vacation package including roundtrip airfare for two and hotel accomadations included for two. I'm supposed to go to the presentation today, but am not sure it's worth it if this is the way they treat people.

I'm expecting that they honor their word, which is why I would be willing to sit through their presentation even knowing that I have no interest in buying into their vacation packages.

I was told on the phone that all I have to do is go to it, I don't have to buy anything (I asked) and this vacation package would be free. If there's no airfare included, they lied.


Sorry but I dont understand what your complaint is about. You state "No airline Tickets included" then go on to say that you knew they did not offer Airline tickets and had not since 9/11.

You do not state that he offered discount fares but just great rates (what are great rates to them can be over priced to you).

Why would it have pissed the whole family off you did know you were going to a timeshare presentation and that you would be expected to purchase it, the whole point of the "win" in the first place.

You should have gone with an open mind listened and if the product is for you (ie timeshare points ) then you would have bought it , if not you would have said No Thank You and walked away Wouldnt you ?????

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