Green Bay, Wisconsin

After several phone calls from Bluegreen Resorts. I finaly said I would pay the amt asked for. They they told me I had to travel with my spouse or signifiacant other, I informed that my spouse was deceased and I did not have a significant other. But would be traveling with a lady friend, my daughter-in-laws mother. and I definately did not have $50,000. They called me several times and finaly said they would wave the significant other, spouse and amount of money if I would go listen to their representative explain the time shares etc. I told them I would do that, however I really wasn't interested in the time share. They said OK and booked the dates etc and I received the letters in the mail telling me the dates, time and where etc. But when I called to check to be sure that the Hotel was still OK since the tornato they informed me that they could not authorize the stay after all because of the rules stated. We were scheduled to arrive in Branson on May 20, for 3 nights , Sun, Mon. Tues. So I told them that they could just cancel the reservation and refnd my money then. They insisted I should find someone else to go with me. In my estimation this is definately SCAM and will report it to the authorities and warn my friends not to listen to anything they receive from bluegreen resorts.

My informaton is The Falls CVillage Welcome Center, Branson Mo arrival date 05-20-12. Account #7257583 Purchase date 09/23/2011.

Lois Cromer

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