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We got to know about blue green from their marketing partner. So, we went to their resorts

sometime in June Last year (2018).

Initially we decided not to buy any points from them. We

have attended a presentation and while exiting they asked us to wait for some time and one of

their sales representative came. He explained about their vacations and we said we are not

interested, first the sales person said each point is 3.XX and we said no then price came down.

What I asked is if I want to sell should I get my money that invested here. Honestly, I am not

interested in any profits at that time and just expected my investment.


CURRENT MARKET VALUE IS 3.XX AND I GOT IT FOR 2.XX. We bought 5000 points for

13500 USD approximately. We were happy that at least we can enjoy the vacations and get our

money at the end. I asked them clearly if we want to sell, should we get my money back then

they said YES.

Otherwise why should WE buy? (Still we were under impression that our

purchase was a good one). We just TRUSTED. They asked us to come back in 2-3 months for

demo on the programs.

In OCT-2018 we went to Myrtle Beach to attend the demo/session.

After the session, another

sales agent came and he started explaining. The sales guy told us that with 5000 points we cannot

do anything and he insists to buy another 10K points to book a comfortable vacation with 15000

points a year. He said he has 45000 points and he can get points X 3$ even if sells upfront. I

asked all the questions on the selling to make sure we are on NO PROFIT/NO LOSS at least.


that sales person said "You are on complete profit side" no need to worry. So, we had to buy

another 10K points and the point price value was less. During this session, he said about pinnacle

vacation and showed some interesting rates to sell (but that is correct info) if needed. So far for

15K points we spent 34K USD.

After 3 months One day, I just called their official partner to

resale (Pinnacle) to know the price and estimate sale time I got shocking info. The price they said

is very less that I purchased. I was very unhappy. Then I sent an email to bluegreen customer

care on this and I got bad response from them.

I told bluegreen that I am not happy with what i

was told and I want my money back then they said only option is resale thru pinnacle.

We booked Shorecrest for two days to spent some time but points are expensive so I booked for

some price. We did not ask for any appointments but at the reception they asked if we are first

time in this year then I said yes. Receptionist said this year we have new interesting changes for

their customers. I thought will ask all my questions on the resale.

We were in office room and

one lady came. I asked all questions on the resale. We were told that bluegreen introduced new

changes that will help their customers. Here are the two mains.


IF we are at bronze level (20K points), we can sell the points to bluegreen that we can use it to

pay maintenance fee (each point would be 2 cents to 16 cents). We were told that for each point

that is given to bluegreen *4 times will get the value.

2. Resale value will be controlled by bluegreen (In their forms they added one point in the

agreement as well)

3. Travel savings: I was promised to get 1500 USD but did not receive so far.

However, these

savings are really useless. We get better prices in other websites.

On the resale, she has showed wrong screenshots. Bronze customers sold their points within 4

days. This is completely wrong.

She showed wrong screenshots with bronze level points sold

within 4 days on pinnacle for 40K USD. When I asked Pinnacle, they said the 20K points worth

is only 35K and that too it takes 6 months - 1-year time. This is completely wrong.

She insists to buy another 5K points to help on the resale. I wrote everything from 1st session

what they promised.

And interesting fact on the points selling to pay the maintenance, when I asked bluegreen agent I

got reply that for 20K points they will give 200 USD which is not fair.

Yearly like maintenance I

have to pay 1750 USD. So I really felt bad and decided not to proceed further. Whatever the

info/promises they mentioned is wrong.

Will share more info if needed.

Please let me know if any lawsuit is open. I would want to get my money back.

Loss: $54000

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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