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Imagine driving 5+ hours to go to a waterpark for the weekend with five little kids. Now get there, and explain to them why you can't go anymore because of a technicality.

This is exactly what happened to me this weekend. Steer far far away from bluegreen unless you have your lawyer on speed dial to review their contracts! Not only did we not get to stay the entire weekend, but they refused to refund our money for the vacation and did not give us the three night cruise or $100 gift card that was supposed to be part of the package.

So, what was so bad that we forfeited the vacation? Well, apparently the visa logo isn't good enough. Since my card said debit (yes there was more than enough money in the account), and I didn't have one on me that said credit, vacation forfeited, no refund. I even showed a statement showing that I had a major credit card (I just haven't used it in a long time so didn't even think to bring it), and called their corporate office to try and work something out, but that wasn't good enough. So don't forget anything, read your contract with a magnifying glass, and maybe you will get what you paid for...from reading other posts that's a big maybe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Sorry about that. First of all, be glad you didn't have a chance to go to their high pressure sales meeting that lasts 3-5 hours!!

not an hour and a half. With 5 children that would have been an absolute nightmare if not child neglect (that you did not intend on). Believe me, the cost and inconvieniece of travel and the fees/charges/disappointment is well worth missing that meeting...consider it a lesson learned.

The sales meetings are like submitting yourself to an intense police interrogation (I am not kidding). They wear you out.

They confuse you with all kinds of nonsense that makes no sense once you leave and have a chance to take a day to put it all together only to realize it cannot be put together at all.

They do not mention that there is a period to rescind the contract. (3-7 days usually depending on the state you are in). That very impirtant little tidbit is in the fine print but by the time you are being recorded as you agree to each term, you are just worn out and it is easy to miss importand details.

They confuse people on purpose.

There is no food, only coffee (one time they did have popcorn though..I've been to 3 of the meetings since they require that as part of the Sampler).

They drag you over to a very large flatscreen TV that shows very glamorous photos of their properties and tell you all the things you can do with your points (what are points? how many points are needed to go to those places? how many days can I get for points?

How do I set up a reservation?)...they will not tell you!

They really show off the possibilites of using the RCI exchange/network (what the heck is RCI????) They won't tell you very much about that program because it SUCKS...they pull out this glamorous fat catolog with all the resorts in the RCI network!! WOW, that is amazing!! RCI is pushed hard because they know you can't do much with points and the points system is so convoluted that you have to be willing to take a lot of time to figure out how to get the most out of them.

Come to find out, RCI members have a hard time getting reservation in their own network! You usually stand up while they present the resorts on their big screen (after they have already worn you down to the point that you cannot concentrate and will pretty much sign anything to get out of there!) There is no good place to sit and relax and take notes while they are baffling you with their BS at the large screen....They very quickly flip through properties and tell you all the things they have done with their points. How can one tell if what they say is true? Many do not even own BG (I ask them)!!

They know what a bad deal it is! hahahaha! To hear them talk, they are jetting around Europe and taking 20 weeks a year to vacation at glamorous Resorts. It just makes no sense when you get a chance to crunch the numbers...Here's the thing, they won't allow you to know what your points will do for you until you buy the points!

OMG! That's just crazy. They ask you to make a very large financial committment right at the table with no time to think. Think about that for a minute (believe me, they don't want you to think)...you went to stay for a mini vacation to experience their resort and get some gifts...BUT they sit you down and ask you (pressure you) to commit to THOUSANDS of dollars without giving you a day or two or three or more to sit down and think about something you didn't even plan on doing!

If someone asks you to commit to anywhere from $13000 to $30000 on the spot without allowing you to even know what you can do with your purchase you need to figure it is a scam of some sort. Also there are fees to be paid for everything you do..cancellations, rolling over points (which are limited use after rolled over...confusing isn't it?) maintenance, property taxes, membership fees and extremely usurious interest on their payment plan if you need to do that. All these expenses keep going up too. You are locked in for life.

There is so much more I could say about what they do to people but I don't have time. Just be glad you got away. They Do tell you a million times to bring a CREDIT CARD, so that is your error..a good one though!! Now, I will say that the resorts I have gone to are AMAZING.

I bought the Sampler 24 and have done well with it but I will not buy a member ship. I am a CPA and was able to determine the Sampler was a pretty good deal so we went for it. The "free" cruise is not even close to being free...we declined that offer. Here is the most painful thing of all for desperate owners to know...You can pay much less for vacations on your own without being a member and not be stuck with a lifelong contract that could be worthless when all is said and done OR you can rent points from desperate owners who cannot pay their Maintenance fees and who feel forced to sell their points to cover those perennial fees...

EVERY YEAR they have to compete with hundreds of owners to rent out their points...which makes them push their price down as low as they can go to get the sale I see members selling 12000 points (that can get you a 7 day oceanfront vacation at a very nice resort) for anywhere between $700-$900.... they aren't even getting to go on a VACATION! This truly should be illegal. You NEED a vacation after all they put you through!

Ha! I hope this makes you feel better!!

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