Carolina Beach, North Carolina

I attempted to make a bonus time reservation to any of the properties in Myrtle Beach and was told that nothing was available. I usually check back daily to see if there are any cancellations. Today when I attempted to go the blue green online member site to check I accidentally stumbled across this site on google -

Being curious, i called the 800 # and said i was interested in making a reservation for Myrtle Beach and low and behold they had rooms available - not 1, but quite a few. Bluegreen is marketing these like hotels and charging $150-$225 /night. I then told the CSR that I was a member and could i book 2 nights and of course she said that had to be done thru a different dept. When i told her that the member department told me no rooms were available, she said no, there are some. I asked why Bluegreen was marketing these rooms to the public and not letting members have first priority. Her reply was that within 7 days and rooms are released to the rental site, but if you look on their web site ( you can book months in advance.

Bluegreen is screwing its members by using our properties and renting to the non-member public instead of giving its members.

Has anyone considered a class action suit??

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Hey Not True, Maybe you should find a real job and quit being a BlueGreen jockey. The ship is going down, go to school, get an education and a real job. BlueGreen is an absolute rip off scam.


i just bought into bluegrn and this is disapointing i hope i don't experince some of what i'm reading...i maybe interested in purchasing more time i can be reached at


Buying this "vacation club" was the biggest mistake I ever made. Everytime I call to try to take a vacation nothing is available.

I always end up "banking" points and those are only good sometimes. Then I end up trading a week to RCI and I either dish out more money to them to use it later on or they don't have anything avail either.

Has anyone been successful in selling their timeshare off? If anyone has info in doing that where I don't have to dish out more money I would appreciate it.


I went to the web site and it is the same company. Go to the bottom and click on "about us".

The stock symbol ect.

This company is so shady. I love how Bluegreen employees pose as members.


it is in fact true that rents out units, even if members are requesting rooms for the same dates, they say they are not available. When we bought we were told they would sell for us if we wanted out, they won't.

They said availability is never a problme, it is, they said they were planning on building more in the carribean, they have not, not to mention the increase in maint. fees, we are seriously considering a law suit.


THIS is in fact TRUE....I experienced too. SAME situation, same answer, the above comment must be ELITE member and treated with GOLDEN gloves. AND customer service is horrible.....


Everything that is posted on this web should not be considered as fact. I contacted bluegreen as an owner after I read this post.

They do not have a rental company that rents out our units. I then went to the site you listed and it is not a bluegreen site. Owners are allowed to book weeks and then rent out their units, but bluegreen corp does not rent them out. Please be careful with your assumptions.

The internet is often referred to as the bathroom walls of the world for a reason. Would you believe everything you read on a bathroom stall?

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