Please don't believe the "free cruise" pitch from Blue Green -

Total scam - we had to pick 3 different cruise dates and pay $100 deposit. Then 2 months later - after you finally jump through hoops (get your certificate - get registered etc etc), you get an email saying you can now call to reserve. We just called - they try to upsell you. The freebee isn't really free - you have to pay about $500 total for 2 people for "agency fees" plus you also have to pay tips. Then do you want to pay around $500 to upgrade to a better interior cabin or X for ocean view or Y for balcony. I said no upgrade.

They then search my 3 dates that I had to select months ago - 3/8 or 5/3 or 6/9 - surprise - NO CABINS AVAILABLE. They then said there was only ONE SAILING DATE AVAILABLE - COME ON - ONLY ONE DATE IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS?!?!?

She said if I had upgraded, then maybe a cabin would be available. So - they want you to pay $1000 for 2 people for a 5 day cruise - you can go online and get the exact same cruise for $800 or less !!!!!! What a scam!!!!


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Dummy, same if you buy direct from Carnival: Upgrades cost extra, tips required, etc...

to Anonymous #1434326

Oh it’s you, the Bluegreen decepticon. You are busy on this forum!

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #934408

I had the same thing happen to me.Tried to book my cruise and they said I had to pay $186 per person and that was for a bunk bed room.

I am 65...I am NOT going to sleep in a bunk bed. I then asked how much extra I would have to pay for a room with outside access and he told me it would cost me an extra $1000!

I almost choked!I then said I can take this same cruise for $1093 and you are telling me that my "free" cruise would cost me over $1300....no thanks!

Newport, Minnesota, United States #816029

I almost got scammed by Bluegreen Resorts.I got a phone call congratulating me for winning a four day stay at a Bluegreen Resort and a four day cruise.

I was informed the offer could be taken any time during the next two years. To my surprise they asked me for my credit card details to charge $199 for two persons as a deposit to hold the reservations and that this amount would be refunded. I was quite sceptical about this offer, why was I being asked to put a deposit on something that I had won.

I asked Bluegreen to send me some documentation on the offer and give me time to think about it.

I was told documentation will be mailed after receipt of payment and were reluctant to give me any time to think about it and kept pressing me for the payment.

I told them I was uncomfortable with the offer and they can forget about it.

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