My husband and I weren't sure if Bluegreen was the right choice for us, so we signed up for the 'sample' program. We paid for 9,000 points and could supposedly do everything regular owners could do, with no committment to a timeshare.

We later found out that we weren't allowed to vacation during the summer (which also includes the whole month of August) or holidays. It irritated me, but we just looked at going somewhere in September instead. We scheduled our vacation perfectly, I thought. I booked two hotels, carefully observing that we could stay twice as long.

It wouldve been fine, but my husbands work decided they couldn't let him *** during that time. So we called and cancelled our reservations (which was another supposed perk of Bluegreen). We finally got the pass to book our vacation again and discovered we have half the points we paid for. We called and they told us they only cancelled one of our hotels.

We told them it wasn't our fault and they said it was 'he said she said' and sorry about our luck! If they treat potential clients like this I can imagine how they treat you once they have all of your money!!!

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