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I purchased a time share from Bluegreen for Big Cedar Lodge and have never been able to stay there. They are always booked.

When I tried to list it thru others, I never received any calls. They won't buy it, even for what I paid for it. They no longer rent out our points for us so we can at least make back our maintenance fees. This is not fair to the owners.

We pay out the nose in purchasing the ownership and pay high maintenance fees and taxes. Does anyone know of anything we can do?

I would love to get rid of it.

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No I do not work for Bluegreen and all can say is it is about time the owners started to sue some of you complainers. You bought a timeshare .....

live with it .....

you should have known what you were buying. Stop trying to sue because you did not know what you were signing for


has anyone successfuly sued them ???


I stopped in a visitors center in Sieverville, TN and was offered discount tickets on shows to go to a Bluegreen presentation that they promised would only take 90 minutes. Liers; it took 5 hours of torture.

I almost fell for it. I actually signed the papers and then when they still kept pushing me around the the building to see different people I got a bad feeling in my gut that said, just say, NO and get out.

Boy am I glad I did after reading all the bad reviews. Their should be at least a 3 day right of cancellation for this scam.


I am working on trying to get rid of it as well. i have been a member for 4 years and have used it once and still had to pay extra for half my vacation cause the room wasn't available for the entire time i wanted it, so they charged me $69 per night.

Funny thing was we stayed in the same room. They never have anything available when you want it. I think the "owners" you right anything positive here are actually the salespeople that scammed us into buying the *** thing to begin with.

I was pissed about how they stopped letting us rent as well. If i am successful in getting out of this I will let you know


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